Sunday, February 14, 2016

Transformers Legions/Legends - Skywarp

Another discount TF,this one's Skywarp.Again,this guy turned out to be a bit small for my taste although the sculpt and overall look of the figure Is G1 accurate and decent.I have seen a version of him that's a bit more articulated and little bigger that might blend In better with my Generations Optimus.I still have my classes mixed up and It's a bit frustrating when your trying to pair up figures according to scale.These two latest additions , Grimlock and Skywarp, were a big fail ,even though both have their good points.Maybe I'll go after a Legion class Optimus and Megatron at some point to display Skywarp and Grimlock correctly.


  1. I think so,too.I'm stickin to this size as far as TF's go.They are easier to transform,easier to display and alot cheaper than Deluxe and Voyager class figures.

  2. I have the Starscream from this scale and he's a nice toy. The larger Seekers are really nice though, not the classic design like this guy however. Skywarp and Skywarp are the ones on the shelves now that are the size you're looking for. They can be had for $10 each from the Hasbrotoyshop Ebay page with free shipping, so they're a little more pricey.

    I have Thundercracker and there's a link to a poor quality picture of him below;

    1. Yeah 10 bucks Is alot for Legends class considering their size.Heck 6.50 bucks Is alot for the smaller Legion class,but your getting a fully functional transformer so. Thundercracker and Megs look great.