Monday, January 18, 2016

G.I. Joe Valor Vs. Venom - Cobra Commander

I can't stress enough how much fun It's been going through everything Derek ( Orniphus) of  Coolandunusual sent me about a week back.Prior to receiving the package,I had been snapping "one and done "   shots of figures In my collection that I had  already previously  taking pictures of. Having some new plastic to photograph Is definitely a good thing.Today we have Valor Vs. Venom Cobra Commander.What makes this version of C.C. cool Is the black color scheme.Also,considering how dis-proportioned alot of the figures In this particular line of Joes were,C.C. looks pretty damn good.I love the sophistication of the suit he's wearing, It screams  "I'm C.C. , Bi#*!" This version of Cobra Commander also comes with a cape that pegs into a small hole in his back.I'm currently watching one on eBay,because I think that cape would really set off the figure.I have a small amount of Valor Vs. Venom stuff In my stash so this figure Is more than welcomed into my collection.Once I have enough of the figures that I like from the line,I'll  put together a nice display.Enjoy the pics!

A couple of MIB!



  1. Looking good Commander! Black is very slimming sir lol.

  2. Man, some of the New Sculpt era figures were legit.

    Still got mine in storage somewhere.

    1. Ya gotta dust him off and admire him again,Dr. Syn!G.I. Joe always packed their sculpts with detail,even the lesser articulated figures.

  3. I do like this guy, I love the design for his faceplate, the added lines of detail in there are pretty cool. His proportions aren't the wildest of that generation of Joes either.