Monday, December 28, 2015

Marvel Titan Hero Series - Hulk

Forget Marvel Universe , Legends, Select-This Is truly a Hulk toy!Big,bulky with  grab -n-  smash -  hand and fist,I'm loving it!It also has this 80's vibe about it that gets me feeling like a kid again.More Titan Heroes ,please :)

Saturday, December 26, 2015


This year I got a cool Mets pennant which can be seen slightly behind all the other stuff.I also got a Titan Heroes Hulk that I really wanted because,who doesn't want a big ass Hulk figure.I got a cool Avengers watch because I'm never on time,if I even show up In the first place.Last but not least, a nice AXE spray gift box because apparently,I stink :)I hope everyone had a great X-Mas and I'm looking forward to seeing some cool X-Mas goodies on your sites ;)Peace!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Top 10 Action Figure / Animal Sidekick Combinations

10.Spearhead And Max - Spearhead and his trusty bobcat Max were released right around the time I began to loose interest in Joe collecting.But it was figures like this that made it hard for me to give up on playing with toys.

 9.Perseus & Pegasus - When Clash came out,I was still a wee lad.A few of my older cousins had the figures and I remember always wanting some. Kraken stands out the most  whenever the toy line gets mentioned,but Pegasus had the distinction of coming with Perseus. Remember how cool Lone Ranger's Silver was?Well,Pegasus was Silver with wings!

8.G.I. Joe ARAH  Croc Master -  In the late 80's,G.I. Joe  flew off the shelves.I have to believe that the addition of animal counterparts had alot to do with that .Croc Master was beyond bad ass!This figure was In high demand , mainly because of his pet Crocodile. Hasbro knew how to keep things interesting for the kids . 

7.The Lone Ranger W/ Silver -  This line came out around the time Clash Of The Titans did.In fact,those same relatives of mine who had all the Clash figures had this too.

6. General Spidrax W/ Spider Flyer - Now this I had !I never got to hit up Toys R Us much  as a kid because of how out of the way It was.One birthday In particular stands out because my parents surprised me with a trip down to  TRU  to let me pick out a couple of things!Spidrax and Spider Flyer happened to be one of my choices. The flying spider was actually a glove and the wings were motorized.General Spydrax has to be the single most menacing ,evil looking villain In toy history.This line of figures released by Coleco Is extremely underrated.    

5.Skeletor W/ Panthor - What made Skeletors purple pet kitty so cool ,besides the fact that he was a purple kitty,was the suede like fabric it was made out of. 

4. G.I Joe ARAH  Mutt W/Junkyard - Bad ass ,scarred dog handler armed with an Uzi and a pet Rottweiler always beats a single carded pet-less Joe figure. Joes with pets were always a priority with me.       

3.Transformers Soundave W/ Buzzsaw - Soundwave easily cracked the top 3  In this list with his pet Buzzsaw,a condor that transforms into a cassette tape.I was never fortunate enough to own Soundwave as a kid.In fact I didn't have many Transformers, period. They were far too expensive. 

2.He-Man W/ Battlecat -  This was the toy to have If you grew up In the early 80's , like alot of us toy bloggers did.Nothing draws your attention more than a muscle bound warrior packaged together with  an armor clad , yellow and green Tiger!Every kid wanted this under their tree come X-Mas morning.

1.G.I. Joe ARAH - Snake Eyes W/ Timber - Coming In at  # 1 ,we have Snake Eyes and Timber!Here we had two equally dangerous customers.On their own ,both would have no trouble braving any kind of element and  coming out of any survival situation alive.Together they are  a force to be reckoned with.Of all the animals In the Joe universe,Timber and Junkyard got the most  exposure in the cartoon series.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Most Wanted List Pt.2 (Modern)

Here Is a list of modern figures I'd like to acquire at some point.Some will be easy game while others ,not so much.On with the show...


I should have picked this figure up when I had the chance to.It would have only cost me about 9 bucks.Now he goes for about 18 dollars on Ebay.Good chance this figure never makes It Into my collection.But I'd still love to have one.


This guy shouldn't be too hard to wrangle up.   


Something about  the prospect of owning a ginormous Vision that gets me feeling like a  kid again. Look at how  that green  paint pops!Everything about this figure looks awesome,from the color scheme on down to that amazing yellow cape!


I'm hoping TARGET still has these because If I get any X-Mas cash this year,I'm going down there to pick It up!


This one'll be tough to track down.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Current Want List Pt.1 (VINTAGE)

I'm at the point In toy collecting where I have most of what I sought after when I began this whole action figure blogging thing back In 2011.Remember Action Figs and Things?If not ,here Is a link to my very first action figure post, ever !Since then I've acquired a nice amount of figures ,not an astounding amount,but enough to keep me blogging and my display case full.With that being said,there are still a couple figures out there that are on my radar.Here are my vintage wants-

                                                          SECTAURS- SPIDRAX
Doesn't have to come with all accessories ,but I'd like to find one with his harness and at least 1 pistol.Spidrax came with an Insect hand puppet  which I'm really not interested In.This Is a figure I had as a kid  so the nostalgic value alone makes this number 1 one on my want list.


It seems like I've been after these 4 forever.I wouldn't mind acquiring these guys without any weapons,but they'd have to have their  belts,though.The weapons I can always pick up separately. 


Funny story.I had picked up one of these about a year back and while I was getting ready to showcase him on Action Figure Tactics,I ran into some trouble transforming him back Into robot mode.Long story short,he broke,and into the trash he went.I need to pick up another one at some point.I'd like to 
find one In decent condition with minimal stress marks ,If any, and intact faction symbols.


I'll never forget the day my older sister and I walked into a small Convenience mini mart ,and I spotted Powerglide hanging from the pegs In  their small toy section.My sisters always looked out for me    spoiled me rotten so needless to say,on that day Powerglide came home with me ;)I gotta get another one of these for the old collection!He was always one of my favorite characters In the series.Again,the faction symbols would have to be intact and the stress marks minimal for me to add Powerglide to my collection. 


Big Boa debuted right about the time I was beginning to outgrow my Joes,but I still loved him.I never had him as a kid ,hence the spot on my want list. I've seen a few of these on Ebay and many are incomplete.I wouldn't mind a punching bag-less Boa ,but his gloves and respirator would have to come included If I were to ever add him to my collection.


This was the lone Swamp Thing figure In my collection as a kid.My buddy used to have the MOTU Slime Pit and we'd put Swamp Thing In It to make him look,well,more swampy.I wouldn't mind finding one loose without his pet tree/bear trap/dog hybrid.His snare arm gimmick would still have to work,though.

And there you have It!Not an extensive list,but a meaningful one.Adding any one of these to my collection would be like getting another small piece of my childhood back. Part two of my want list will feature a list of contemporary  figures I'm still on the lookout for.Stay tuned ;)