Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Stand Down!

The early bird gets the worm,and Zartan's early presence gives him the upper hand and dibs on the sleeping Manhunters.He convinces the Justice League and paints the Joes as a sneaky,no good, underground affiliation  with bad intentions.Especially the one dressed In black and armed to the teeth.Supes and co. get in between Duke and Snake Eyes while Zartan makes a clean get away.The Joes wisely step aside ,fearing a confrontation with the likes of a super powered team like the Justice League ,but manage to discreetly launch a  reconnaissance drone to track Zartan's whereabouts. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

More ToyBiz Love

My plans to strictly stick to MOC Marvel ToyBiz  Superheroes figures flew right out the window.With this Captain America going for well over what I was willing to pay for It new,a loose ,semi mint figure ran me a few bucks.He's incomplete ,missing his shield launcher but I'm good with that.His paint Is still pretty much flawless with the exception of the "A"on his cowl.   

Here's what I'm working with ,so far.

I also have this ToyBiz Human Torch figure that's been hanging around my collection ,collecting dust.I might just go after the F4 figures,too.They are pretty affordable and the Thing looks cool as heck.We shall see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Powerglide,Transformed Correctly

When you get old,you forget how to do stuff,like ride a bike,use a smart phone ,oh and yeah,properly transform your G1 Transformers.I was wondering why my Powerglide looked so bland In my post the other day.It turns out he was standing backwards.I didn't realize his head spins,making his front side a little cooler to look at.I'm such a dumb-dumb!


Monday, September 10, 2018

We Have A Situation....!

The United States have deemed the two Manhunters found In a cryogenic deep sleep by the Justice League ,a threat to national security.When Cobra catches wind of a team of Joes being sent to the site to recover the alien beings,Cobra Commander orders Zartan to get the jump on the Joes and muck up the works.Zartan arrives in full U.S. Military gear and fools the Justice League into relinquishing the two dormant  security threats from another planet into Cobra custody.Duke and Snake Eyes arrive late to the party and now have to convince Superman that Zartan Is an impostor. Where's Wonder Woman with her lasso of Truth when you need her?!?"HQ,WE HAVE A SITUATION...!"

Friday, September 7, 2018

Transformers G1 - Powerglide

Another one off my want list.Man,Powerglide!Is he not the ugliest yet coolest thing ever!I love how Hasbro got away with making these hideous renditions of  Transformers characters.The thing with us ,though,as kids ,we had a greater imagination than most kids do  nowadays.If It remotely looked like our favorite cartoon characters ,It was cool.I remember walking into a local mini mart as a kid with my older sister and seeing Powerglide on the pegs. My sister caught me eyeballing It and bought It for me!I liked the figure but don't remember playing with It much ,probably because I didn't have many TF figs.I had this one,Warpath,Beachcomber ,a couple of Insecticons and Thundercracker.And not all at the same time either.I could never afford the bigger figures.Some things never change I guess,lol.Still,I love having this figure again.