Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Eve and may your Christmas day be equally joyous.Mine was filled with familiar banter ,excessive eating and presents.But mostly excessive eating.I didn't get any toys this X-Mas (I hate when that happens :( ) but I did get lots of cool clothes ,a pair of kicks from my older brother who's In town from FLA and The Eagles Greatest hits compilation double CD form my older sister.I'm up super early today,couldn't sleep,so I said what the hell let me post something.While I'm here I might as well plug my whopping 4th blog ,If It's In The Game,It's In The Game. I focus mainly on sports video games  of the past and nostalgic tales of  epic sports video gaming moments.That's It for today peeps.Have a holly,jolly one...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Red She Hulk

The Marvel Universe is an ever changing one.Be careful because If you blink,Spider Man might have become a midget mutant and Captain America may  have  formed an alliance with Vladimir Putin.That's how quick things change in this new age of  super heroes and villains.Like, when did She - Hulk  turn red? I got this action figure In a trade with Brother Midnight and must admit to having to do some research on it.From what I can remember,She-Hulk is a villain now?Idk,and honestly I'm too lazy to do another background check.The figure Is pretty awesome,though.