Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Eve and may your Christmas day be equally joyous.Mine was filled with familiar banter ,excessive eating and presents.But mostly excessive eating.I didn't get any toys this X-Mas (I hate when that happens :( ) but I did get lots of cool clothes ,a pair of kicks from my older brother who's In town from FLA and The Eagles Greatest hits compilation double CD form my older sister.I'm up super early today,couldn't sleep,so I said what the hell let me post something.While I'm here I might as well plug my whopping 4th blog ,If It's In The Game,It's In The Game. I focus mainly on sports video games  of the past and nostalgic tales of  epic sports video gaming moments.That's It for today peeps.Have a holly,jolly one...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Red She Hulk

The Marvel Universe is an ever changing one.Be careful because If you blink,Spider Man might have become a midget mutant and Captain America may  have  formed an alliance with Vladimir Putin.That's how quick things change in this new age of  super heroes and villains.Like, when did She - Hulk  turn red? I got this action figure In a trade with Brother Midnight and must admit to having to do some research on it.From what I can remember,She-Hulk is a villain now?Idk,and honestly I'm too lazy to do another background check.The figure Is pretty awesome,though.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When Nature Calls...

It's nice to have a little something to look at while taking care of your business.Don't like making the trek out to your local comic shop?Are hobby shops a little too dark and dank for your tastes?Don't worry ,Dollar Tree has you covered.Unless you live out in the sticks ,there should be a Dollar Tree right around the corner form you.While I don't recommend their toilet paper,they do carry something that will come In handy on your next trip to the john.$1 comic packs!It used to be three so-so comics for a buck but now you get one quality book and some trading cards.I managed to find an Infinity Gauntlet issue # 3 on one occasion and a couple of days ago ,I found this!

                                                       AHHHH...Smells like early 80's!

I never knew Hercules had his own series of comic books.And how cool Is this,I got a first issue!I also got issue # 3 .Now I have this undying urge to snag up a Marvel Universe Hercules figure.Thanks for reading ;)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Loyal Subjects (Series 2) - G.I. Joe

Please don't tell me they cancelled this line!Ever since Brother Midnight sent me a Loyal Subjects Trap Jaw figure,I've been kind of fixated on the line.The paint work on Trap Jaw was flawless and the quality of the overall figure superb.They're kind of like over sized Mega Bloks figures.I quickly hopped online to check out their Joe figures and picked up a Cobra Trooper and Beach Head.

These Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe figures stay true to the toy they pay homage to.You get a little added articulation for the Joes than you do for the MOTU figs. 

Beach Head also comes with his trademark accessories!

The backpack fits snug on his back and doesn't take away from his balance.

The only bad thing Is that you can't fit his binoculars around his neck. You might be able to pop his head off to do It but I'm not going there.He looks fine just hanging on to it.The weapons fit tight,real tight In his hands and may even take  a little bit of paint off  when attaching his gun.It's not horrible and you can't even tell .  

This Is just an awesome representation of Beach Head ,imo, and figure overall.

At first I was crushing on Beach Head a little but now I think I like the Cobra Trooper more. Removable helmet?What?!?!That wasn't something we saw In the original ,vintage line.So cool,though!

Damn!This figure pops!

Look at Trap Jaw!Thanks to him I am now diving head first into the rabbit hole that Is Loyal Subjects!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Marvel Universe - Colossus

I know have 2 Colossusus In my collection ;) I'm not 100 percent sure but I'm leaning towards liking the one that Brother Midnight sent me more than the one I already have.Something about this look that takes me back to the Shi'ar ,Starjammer days .

I like the old school ,protruding shoulder look but prefer the metallic paint job on the one on the right.

They should have gone with the blue hair on this version.

                 Marvel Universe/Marvel Toybiz comparison pics

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Diorama Possibility ?

I thought about turning these into some kind of a computer terminal  but instead ..... 

...I'll just flip them over and turn them into an alien world background.It's alot easier to just paint them grey and throw some terrain on top and around the structures.We'll see,I guess.    

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New Cape For Mole Man!

Thanks to Brother Midnight sending me that replacement Dr.Strange,I was able to use one of the capes for my Mole Man figure.A quick paint job later and voila! You can still make out the eye of agamotto but It's not as pronounced with the all green paint.I know Mole Man has a  raggedy looking cape In the comics but this gives him a more royal look  .Well,whaddaya think? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Spider-Man Noir

Is Hasbro trying to give us all  brain aneurysms with all the name changes on their 3 3/4 figures?First they went with Marvel Universe and then that changed to the Marvel Infinite Series which then leads us to what they are being called now,Marvel Legends.But there Is nothing on the packaging that lets us know they are the 3 3/4 version,for instance,If you were just looking at them online.It's all very confusing ,especially If you are new to the game.This Spider-Man Noir figure falls under the Legends label and was sent to me via trade by   none other than  Brother Midnight of Green Plastic Squirt Gun      . If you remember , a few posts back, I showed you a pic of all my Spidey figs....

Now I can add Spider-Man Noir into the mix  .

I don't know much about this characters background,other than the fact that he is an alternate universe Spider-Man .I think from the 1930's If my memory serves correct.I passed him up at a local Gamestop months back and regretted doing so.It was like 2 bucks ,more than worth it.I'm glad I was able to ultimately score one thanks to Brother Midnight.

He's pretty cool looking and I assume he still shoots webbing out of his hands In the comics .I'm gonna display him on my SHIELD Helicarrier .