Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Wishes Vs. Christmas Reality

If you guys didn't know,Mr. Smith over at Mr. Smith's Plastic Bubble ,has started a new social media challenge for pop culture/toy bloggers like you and I.Every Monday there will  be a round robin challenge assignment ,similar to Cool And Collected's Pop Culture League.The twist Is If your the first to post your challenge,then you create the following weeks challenge/assignment.Here's my entry.


Man.This Is a pretty good one because these days I rarely get what I want for birthdays or Christmas.I mostly get things I need.I'm not being ungrateful or anything because the things I get take precedence over toys or other pop culture related items. Sometimes,though,It would be nice to open up an action figure or two. I really can't blame the wifey,though, as she really has no clue what I have and don't have In my collection so It's a bit difficult for her to  make those kinds of purchases.Actually ,she did get me some Titan Heroes a couple of birthday's back.But this Is about X-Mas.So .... 

Christmas Wishes

I really want this set.

Knew this would never happen but It's still something I wish I had gotten under the tree.

Christmas Reality 

Like I said,things I need.Those headphones are wireless and  amazing!I needed these for recording   vocals without the beat showing up In the background.Plus I can wear them all around the house jamming sans annoying wires and cables!I got some much needed gear ,hat ,hoodie and vest.I did get some geek paraphernalia.A tube filled with Avenger shaped lollipops and an awesome  Marvel tumbler set which I'll look at more in depth later on.

So there you have It.My Christmas wishes vs. reality.What are your's ?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ultimate Snake Eyes w/ Head Swap

I'm really digging my new look  Ultimate Snake Eyes figure.It's not that much different than before,just a different head.It's a tad bigger than the Ninja Duel head It came with but still looks great imo.I would have preferred the visor be grey instead of black but the black still works.He's still not perfect,but close to it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Custom Arctic Snake Eyes

I've been thinking about picking up that ROC arctic Snake Eyes figure,with the puffy coat.But until that happens,I've decide to make my own using a lackluster ROC Frostbite body and my extra Ninja Duel Snake Eyes head.It's not a perfect fit but It works.At least until I can snag up that arctic figure.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Do Over

If I could do  one thing over,It would be to duck and counter  instead of taking one right in the nose from the school bus bully back In the 4th grade .That motherfucker!He was mad because a girl liked me and not him.Boo-Hoo,my bad.Sorry If she liked the way I rapped Slick Rick's La Di- Da Di and not your sucky art skills.That shit hurt man lol. He also stole my G1 Bumblebee. Oh well ...whaddaya gonna do?

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