Friday, May 27, 2016

TMNT O.O.T.S. - Rhino Chopper w/ Rocksteady

Now this Is a contemporary TMNT figure set I can get behind.I had picked this up last weekend with some birthday cash , thinking It was 20 bucks.I was surprised when It rang up $16.99.I'm not sure If this was a clearance item or If that was the original price to begin with.While the Bebop figure was good,I' don't think I'm going out on a limb when I declare this version of Rocksteady ,a great figure! I'll go into the "why's" after we take a look at the Rhino Chopper.

Funny how box art and product images  tend to always look better than the in-hand item.That's not the case here.To really appreciate the awesomeness of  this here set,you have to take this toy out of the packaging.You'll notice the extra accessory,a spiked bat and the two missiles that spring load into two cannons located underneath the Choppers engine.The cool thing about the spiked bat accessory Is that you slide It into a a set of clips on the side of the cycle.I expected there to be an annoying peg on the side of the bat ,making It look awkward,but I was wrong.Unfortunately I failed to get any pics of RS holding It :(  

What is it about action figures on motorcycles?Rocksteady looks gangsta and  fits perfectly on his Rhino Chopper.

It's a subtle design with little Rocksteady personalized markings throughout.The wheels spin but the handle bars don't turn ,so those looking for realism won't find It here.It's just your average toy bike with bad ass rhino horns in the front,firing missiles down low   and a wooden spiked bat attached to it's side. 

This Rocksteady figure  Is pretty damn cool .He pops alot more than Bebop does and just looks meaner.The difference between this  and the single carded version Is in the helmet.Single carded Rocksteady's ears protrude .Rhino  Chopper Rocksteady has the helmet without the ears showing.Also,this Rocksteady comes with the extra accessories.

Rocksteady is nicely articulated and moves around nicely.His arms are awesomely sculpted with armor like ripples and cuts very similar to what a real Rhino's would look like.

Again,you get the personalized markings and a funny "Your Face" phrase  written across both of  his brass knuckles. 

Tattoos he's got alot of but this one kind of freaked me out.This may not go over well with religious groups ,hee-hee . 

This Is a case where I find myself liking the new version of Rocksteady better than  the original.Mainly because of the increased pose-ability.  It's cool to be able to put him in a charging crouch. 

These two were made for each other. Rocksteady and Bebop should go down as one of the most iconic  tandems in cartoon/comic book history.Let's hope Michael Bay and Co. did them some justice. 

My group of villains is slowly growing.The good thing about Playmates Is that they released a ton of TMNT figures for every line,so I can pretty much cherry pick and put together a team of villains to my liking.I still haven't seen a decent Shredder although the unmasked version of a couple years ago ain't  too shabby.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

TMNT 2 O.O.T.S. - Bebop

I'm glad I passed on the Playmates  Nickelodeon cartoon series  Bebop now that I have this movie version in hand.It's a way better representation of the original and that's all I really wanted.Something that came close, at least.

Out pf the packaging,Bebop Is a hefty figure with very little paint apps.The sculpt Is decent with some texture to the bare areas to give it some semblance to  pig skin .The weapons are nicely sculpted as well,but again,no paint apps to speak of.

Articulation Is a little wonky in the arm areas.His wrists seem to want to swivel,but don't.They'll move a little but anymore twisting and I fear they might break off. I could try the hot water trick to see If they loosen up a bit.His legs are pretty mobile for them being so short.You can move those around nicely.The head ,while articulated,still has limited movement.      

Tattoos are always  a plus on any action figure .So are mo-hawks and studded bracelets.

I might come off as biased having grown up in the 80's,but I think the vintage version is alot more charming than this newer version.But I like them both.

If you haven't picked this one up yet ,no worries.There should be at least 10 or so still left on the pegs of your local Wal-Mart.They also sell him in battle packs of two with a Ninja Turtle figure to duke It out with. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TMNT 2 O.O.T.S. - Casey Jones

I finally figured  out what It Is that's been  missing on both movie renditions of Casey Jones.It's the crazy,Wolverine style hair - do!Shit ,If Hugh Jackman can pull It off...

But I digress,On to the figure.

I took the liberty of adding a few touches to an otherwise lackluster Casey Jones figure.O.K. he's not that bad.In fact he's the closest yet to the original 90's cult favorite.I added POC Zartan's back pack and armed him with a McFarlane Sportspicks Barry Bonds Rawlings baseball bat.He looks alot tougher now,i think.Overall It's a good figure with minimal paint apps which isn't abig deal because Jones isn't a splashy character to begin with. I like the hooded leather jacket and jeans  look.The one flaw with this figure Is In his leg articulation.You can't really get Casey into a crouched ,fighting position because of it.Other than that,he's pretty nice.      

"A Barry Bonds bat!?!Tell me,you didn't pay money for this?"

"Say extra cheeeeese!"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Marvel Titan Hero-Thor

I'm kind of anxious about getting to my TMNT figs so I'm doing what I rarely ever do,two posts In one day!Here we have my favorite of the two my wifey got me for my birthday,Thor!I love the head sculpts on these guys.They remind me of  the head sculpts on PEZ dispensers.Those PEZ head sculpts are always so flawless. PEZ head sculpts kick ass.But we're not talking about PEZ head sculpts,today we're looking at another Titan Hero.

These guys are so big I had to have him come off the shelf to take a pic with his arm lifted.

I like the fact that they went with a soft goods cape for these guys.It's a pretty damn long one ,too.It's like they stuck an NFL challenge flag to his back.


Say what you want about them,but you can't deny their display-abilty.

Marvel Titan Heroes - Captain America

When I see the words "Titan Heroes" ,I tend to sing them In a deep ,chorus like voice ,pretending to sing their non- existent commercial theme song .The Titan Hero series reminds me of   Pocket Heroes ,only overgrown.It's a simple representation of all of our favorite Marvel characters on a large scale.They're big and bright brawn's with minimal articulation made to be played with by the kids or displayed by us adult collectors.

Check out the over sized shield! You can attach It to his left arm or peg it into his back for easy storage.

Hasbro goofed up on the head sculpt by omitting the wings on Cap's cowl.It's no deal breaker but odd nonetheless.