Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keepin' It Transformers,Yo!

Before I get to the last two mystery figures that arrived recently In a trade I completed with Orniphus ,lets go over this gem of an extra!Orniphus was kind enough to throw this Transformers Robots In Disguise Grimlock figure in with the rest of the agreed figures ,and I'm really digging It.He must have read my post on the smaller Grimlock that I picked up a while back.I was pretty disappointed with that one ,so Orniphus really looked out here !Now,I've read some reviews and seen some videos on Grims here,  and the figure gets mixed reactions.I for one am not big on the Robots In Disguise series or line of figures ,but this one I love.I believe this Is a deluxe sized figure ,but In no way does he fit into scale with others In his same size class.I didn't catch It at first,but Orniphus pointed out to me that this version would actually look better next to my Generations Optimus and smaller scaled TF's in my collection.And,to coin the great Ned Flanders "Hey-Diddly-Ho!" he was right.He'll look nice on display,chomping down on Skywarps appendages,and holding down the Autobot fort !

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TF's Mashers - Starscream

This last week ,Orniphus and I had agreed on a two for two trade.Basically,I would send him a 25th Ann. Commando Snake Eyes and a 25th Ann. Breaker In exchange for a TF's Masher Starscream and another figure that was on my want list ,BIG TIME,which will remain nameless until further notice ;)
I told him I'd throw In some extras and he said he'd do the same.I just didn't expect the extras to be so damn cool!I'll be going over those two mystery figures soon enough ,but first ,lets check out Starscream from the Mashers line of Transformers figures.

You know,the fact that you can't transform these guys doesn't bug me one bit.They look so damn cool In their robot modes that It's become a moot point,really. Finally,a Transformers figure that I can have fun with!I  don't know about you but I really don't have the time to sit there and follow 20 steps to get my Optimus Prime into truck mode and back and then back into truck mode again,and then back into robot mode.I've had my Voyager DOTM Optimus and Deluxe DOTM Bumblebee on display In robot mode for the longest and haven't felt an inkling of desire  to transform them any time soon.It's cool don't get me wrong,but not very much fun.Maybe It's just me,growing old and impatient.To me,Mashers make the most sense in a line made up primarily of robots.They are meant to be taken apart and then snapped back together again In the heat of battle.They seriously have to incorporate a build-a- figure  system where maybe a larger character ,like Unicron could be built by collecting certain deluxe figures.At any rate,I like what Hasbro Is doing here and hope more characters get released in the future.

TF's Mashers are bright and shiny!And while the sculpts lack alot of paint apps,the techie details and glossy plastic make up for It.I'm also a fan of the  the pronounced faction symbols! 

Up,up and away!

It doesn't get any evil-er than these three!I gotta thank Orniphus for keeping an eye out for me when out on his toy hunts. Apparently,Starscream was In the discount bin selling for about two bucks and Derek went out of his way to snag It up for me.A truly heroic feat in my book ;) Thanks again buddy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trade With Orniphus!

I'll keep It short because I can't wait to publish some individual posts on some of the great toys Orniphus of Coolandunusual sent me In our latest trade escapade!The always kind Orniphus really outdid himself this time and If you haven't checked out his site or are simply just  looking for an amazing trade partner,go there now!

Friday, March 25, 2016

G.I. Joe 50th - Zartan

The final piece In the Orniphus trade package is a great one!G.I. Joe has all but fallen off the radar as of late.The 50th Ann. line were TRU exclusives.At least i think they were because they were nowhere to be found at my local Wal Marts and i don't recall seeing any at Target.Most of the figures came in two and three  packs ,making them almost un-purchasable to those of us who have a stricter budget. That's not to say that Hasbro didn't release some really nice figures in 2015,Zartan being one of them.50th Zartan came In the Vanishing Act three pack with Sightline and Torpedo.From what I've seen In reviews online,50th Zartan  Is a combination of the 25th  and the  25th Comic Series release.Looking over this figure,I realized that everything on It,from the sculpt and paint on down to the accessories and overall execution, Is almost perfect.The one feature I would have loved to have is the color changing skin effect of past versions.That would have put this guy over the top in my opinion.I can't thank Orniphus (Derek) enough for the awesome trades these last couple of weeks,with one more waiting in the wings ;) Stay tuned!

50th Zartan does not come with an awesome soft goods trench coat.I had my guy Rey make this for.....just kidding ;) It actually belongs to Han Solo ,but i thought Zartan could use It .Lets face It ,the mask Isn't much of a disguise on it's own.

Here are what I think could be the best versions of  contemporary Zartans.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

DC Multiverse - Two Face

Another great DC character and figure,Orniphus sent me this awesome Multiverse Two Face figure.I'm not sure what the census around the inter-webs is  about this figure,but I like him.Looks must kill because the one half of Two Face Is so sharply dressed and decked out that the other half literally died.Actually,I'm not sure how Two-Face got to be the way he Is now but I'm pretty sure an acid bath may have had something to do with it. Isn't that always the way?I love this figure ,though,and he looks good on display.Thanks to Orniphus my DC collection is progressing.

"Team captain,call It In the air !" 

"...Heads It Is..."

"...I mean tails..AAAAAAH!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DC Super Powers - Darkseid

My first DC Super Powers figure comes by way of trade with Orniphus of  Coolandunusual,and I absolutely love It!I've been wanting to add some DC Super Powers figures to the collection for some time now.Mainly Firestorm,Braniac and Kalibak ,all figures I had as a kid.Who would have thought that Darkseid would be  the first to hang out among my small display of vintage figures.If you've followed some of my older blogs,you know that I'm not about overcrowding any one brand of  vintage figure ,and that's mainly because of how expensive that can be.Also,I feel that all  I really need are a few figures from each brand   to represent the line  when on display.I like to think of my vintage toy display as a compact,well rounded collection that offers a little bit of everything. And while I'm still behind In the game,with other classic  toy lines on my need list,this Darkseid might be the boost I needed to go out and snag up a couple more of these awesome Super Powers figures!

I don't like where I have him on display right now,Darkseid needs to be seen!Maybe I'll do some rearranging over the weekend.Heck,maybe I'll hit you guys with another "My Favorite 5 Right Now" post ;) 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

DC Multiverse - Joker

One of the figures Orniphus sent over In a recent trade we completed was this DC Multiverse Joker.Had Mattel just added a little more grin to the face sculpt,this could have been a near perfect figure.I still like the figure alot and If you ask me,the semi smirk makes him look a little more demented.I don't think he came with any accessories,initially, but I've got alot of extra Joe weapons laying around and enough sharp instruments to satisfy even the nastiest clown faced sociopath .He's a bit taller than my Public Enemies Batman figure,but that's pretty much comic accurate.Joker Is  lanky and slender,  and that comes across well with this Multiverse figure.I think there's an Injustice 3 3/4 Joker that beats this one out but that's the only one that comes to mind.The Kenner Superpowers Joker was also a classic.This version Is nothing to write home about,but as you can tell from the pics,he gets the job done.