Friday, November 27, 2015

Marvel Infinite Series - Doc Ock

I must say that I'm not 100 percent liking this version of Doctor Octopus.It's a nice little figure,but not the Ock I really wanted In my Marvel Universe collection.I'm not even sure what they based this look on.If you want to see a solid rendition of  this character,then check out the Marvel Showdown version.This Is a  sturdier figure than the showdown Ock  and the tentacles fit snug enough into four small holes in his back.They can be moved around for different poses and with a little patience and balancing,you might even be able to have Ock hold a figure captive over his head.I'm not crazy about the body or head sculpt.The colors are Doc Ock- esque but the height of the figure Is a bit off.I've always pegged him to be a bit on the shorter,more pudgier side.The head sculpt Is nothing like the 80's comic Doc Ock and Is a bit too narrow up top.To me ,he looks alot like the Doctor Octopus In the Amazing Spider Man animated series.Oh,and watch out for paint slop on these.I didn't realize It until after I took a pic but mine had a small black spot on his hair and some yellow slop on his neck area.I couldn't see It through the packaging ,so If your a nit picker,really look your Ock over before purchasing.Overall he Is a nice figure.When you look at It,you see Doctor Octopus.Just not the iconic Doc Ock of yesteryear .On a scale of 1 to 10,I give It a 7.9 ;)

Easy-tach tentacles!  

Here's new jack Doc Ock next to Original Gangsta Dock Ock.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Figures That I was Lucky Enough To Find In The Wild - Star Wars Saga Legends Luke Skywalker (Snow Speeder Pilot)

A couple summers ago ,I found myself wanting to bolster my contemporary Star Wars collection with a sorely needed Luke Skywalker figure.All I had was 5 bucks In my pocket and while I knew that 5 Below always had a nice variation of 5 dollar figures to choose from,It was way too far and out of my way.So I hit up our local Marshall's,a clothing store with a small toy section that always carried  clearanced action figures.It's where I picked up most of my G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra  figures,for about 3 bucks a piece.Of course I wasn't expecting to find Star Wars figures there,let alone any Luke Skywalker's. In fact I was open to snagging up whatever I found because  frankly,I was jonesing for any kind of action figure ..action.I let out a resounding "Fuck Yeah!" when I saw this Luke Skywalker Snow Speeder Pilot figure on clearance for about 3 bucks and change!My Jedi instincts paid off .Now It was off to the checkout counter to press my luck and  see If I could use my Jedi powers of persuasion to convince the clerk to let me walk out without paying.It worked,but I am an honorable Jedi,so I left three crumpled up dollar bills and some change on the counter before leaving.With a wave of my hand the exit doors opened,but that had little to do with the force,the doors just had a motion sensor.Saga Legends Snow Speeder  Luke  Is a great figure.The removable  plus highly detailed helmet ,equip - able Light Saber  and grappling hook accessory make this one of my favorite figures In my collection.Luckily,I was able to find It on the cheap as he Is selling anywhere from 10 to 20 bucks on Ebay and

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Figures That I Was Lucky Enough To Find In The Wild - G.I. Joe POC Low Light

When The Pursuit Of Cobra line of G.I. Joe released back In 2010,they dominated the toy aisles.At least for me they did.My eyes would look past anything else on the pegs and lead me directly to the Joe section.There were lots of different figures to choose from,including Low Light.I picked him up for about 8 bucks at Wal-Mart ,not knowing that today he'd be selling anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars,loose and carded,on Ebay and Amazon.They have re-released a Low Light figure for the latest,50th Ann. line ,but with a different shoulder logo that I'm really not too fond of.While I'm not crazy about  a G.I. Joe faction symbol period ,I prefer the POC black flag/star logo over the new energy star like symbol on the 50th Ann. stuff.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Putting C3PO'S Cargo Net To Better Use!

It's not movie accurate ,but I like being able to have Luke carry Yoda around In It !