Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Toy Box Giveaway Prize Box !

A while back ,The Toy Box took a trip down to a novelty shop called Rocket Fizz and picked up a bunch of  sugary treats to give away to a lucky winner.Action Figure Barbecue won but never responded ,so I got the spoils! No hard feelings BBQ ;)

This box was filled with all kinds of nostalgic goodness.Lets dig into the loot!

First up,vanilla and raspberry flavored Hello Kitty cotton candy.I can't say I have ever tried vanilla flavored cotton candy before, so this one I'm looking forward to giving a try.

Something about the Smurfs that take me back.This brightly colored  bag of  HARIBO Smurf gummies did just that.When I eat these I'm gonna pretend that I'm Gargamel,eating up little delicious Smurf morsels !

The nostalgia bug continued to kick In when I spotted these Care Bears Gummie Bears!And then things just got....

.....NASTY!Box of Boogers!!!!According to my daughter,kids have claimed they taste like the real thing, but how would  they ..... : \ 

It's a good thing these are alcohol free because I gave up drinking over 10 years ago.I don't miss the hang overs but I do miss the camaraderie and good times spent at the local pubs.I'll enjoy snacking on these because it'll be like having my cake and eating it too ;)  

AAAAARGH Damn you Satan!Oh,it's just a small box of cinnamon candies that apparently explode in your mouth.

These are  pretty cool.I'm assuming they are like the old cigarette candy sticks we used to buy as kids.Oh the memories!Not shown are the tatoos that come inside each box and the collectible Marvel scene cut outs on the back!I might have to review these in depth on a later date.   

Don't worry.It's not really a can of  Duff beer .They're just mints :) 

Ant candy!Don't believe me?Take a ...

...closer look!

Last but not least (well actually there was also a can of toxic waste that my daughter made off with before I could snap any pics of it ) ,Strange Friends! I've seen these here and there on other toy vlogs and sites but now I get to experience the strangeness first hand!These will definitely get there own blog post sometime this week.

          The Toy Box did an awesome job putting together this prize box.I haven't smiled that much in a long time!!!Everything is  much appreciated  my friend.Many thanks :)  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Marvel Universe Tony Stark?

This is what happens when extreme boredom really starts to settle in.You start painting uneven mustaches on your action figures.This is the Retaliation  Flint head sculpt on Chameleons body.The skin tones aren't exactly the same and the stache is a bit off but I think it's a passable 80's style  Tony Stark figure. Or a young Ron Burgundy.  

"Stay classy,San Diego!"

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Marvel Showdown - Mole Man

Mole Man is another one of those classic Marvel villains that desperately needs a Marvel Universe figure.Right now,the only 3 3/4 scale Mole Man figs are from the 90's Iron Man Toybiz line and the one you see here from the Marvel Showdown collection.The 90's Toybiz fig is affordable and comes with a cool subterranean minion , but doesn't fit In well with Marvel Universe figures. The Marvel Showdown Mole Man has been totally out of the question for me as he can be pretty pricey on ebay,loose or in the two pack he originally came in.I was lucky enough to find one loose sans cape and accessories for $4 bucks.A far cry from the 20 plus dollars you'll be shelling out for a complete one. 

I was a little let down by the fact that  his hands don't open.I thought they did :( Mole Man needs his trademark staff/club so I decided to try a Mega Bloks Foot Soldier's staff.It was too wide to fit in the tiny hole in Mole Mans hand ,so I took a stab at trying to customize it.  

I know,horrible,right!lol!

Oh well,I'm not one to start poking holes in my figures so i thought the next best thing to do was to add some kind of handle that would slip over Mole Mans fist.He's such a cool figure,though! Hopefully I can come across his cape sometime and a better looking staff.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Playmation -MODOK

I've passed by Playmation figures dozens of times, admiring the sculpts but that's about it.They are more like statues and couldn't possibly blend in with my Marvel universe figures.Until i came across MODOK at an out of the way Wal Mart one day.Now this might work because MODOK  doesn't really need any articulation.He's pretty much just a talking torso that would be  displayed in the background with the rest of my Marvel Universe villains.I passed him up but recently stumbled across one on ebay selling for $ 5.00 ,free shipping.I pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Marvel Universe - Black Knight

The Black Knight is finally off my "Avengers to get" list. Which leaves about 70 more to go.Seriously ,who wasn't ,at one time or another, an Avenger? Down below is my current,patched together,Avengers team.I would much rather have Vision in his original uniform and a Wonder Man that doesn't look like rock candy.But they'll just have to do.I think i'd rather have silver centurion Iron Man in there also  instead of the original .

Also,speaking of patching up teams, stay tuned as i have a couple of off brand (not Marvel Universe) villains on the way to add to my bad guys team.Hopefully they'll blend in well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Spider-Man Fiercest Foes - Spider-Man (Night Mission)

A while back I picked up  a Spider-Man Lethal Foes battle glider figure ,not so much for the glider but more so to finally have a black suited Spider-Man figure In my collection. He wasn't exactly black ,though,even though that's what it said on the packaging.He was more of a metallic blue. It wasn't bad looking just not what I was looking for ,exactly.I did,however ,love the sculpt.After doing a little digging,I found out that there was another black suit Spider-Man in the Fiercest Foes line with that same sculpt!Since finding that out,It's been on my want list and a couple days ago  I was finally able to hunt one down for a decent price.