Saturday, June 24, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Black Panther/Agent 13 (Civil War)

This was the second part of my fathers day gift.Actually,the cash was a gift ,the figures I picked up after the fact.I had already seen the film but I had to go back to it(thankfully it's on Netflix) to see Agent 13 in action.I'm not hip to the newer comics so I don't know much about her.I guess she's Agent Peggy Carter's niece .I thought about waiting  to see if they release any new movie based  3 3/4 Black Panther figures  ,but the willpower just wasn't there.If I wanted to be close to completing my Avengers movie universe collection,both he and Agent 13 were too much of an integral part to pass up.   

Agent 13 is a decent figure.Great sculpting all around .Her articulation style is more like the line of  figures we saw for the first two Captain America films.That,i like.

I don't like the wonky madness going on with her eyes,though.While symmetrical,they are very far apart and the right eye seems to be wandering just a bit.I guess having peripheral vision cant be all that bad,especially when you are constantly  surrounded by  Hydra soldiers and Comic Con nerds .

The Black Panther figure has great sculpting ,and looks just like he did in Civil War,BUT,just like the majority of Legends 3 3/4 figures coming out today ,he lacks waist and torso articulation.You can try,i guess,to put him in coll Black Panther like poses,but It will be difficult.Still,it's an updated Black Panther figure and i'm happy to add him to the collection.

My cinematic universe Avengers.Ones job is never complete.I still need Ant Man and Hawkeye. I'm thinking about a Legends 6 inch or the 2 inch Civil War Ant Man  given the fact that he can shrink/grow. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Falcon (Civil War)

When Captain America Winter Soldier   Falcon figures hit store shelves ,I felt like something was missing. It looked bland and ,come on,no Redwing?This one is a huge improvement over that version. The wings actually come out of a back pack ,like in the films, and he comes with a nice assortment of accessories,including Redwing.

I had to take  wide angle shot to give you a better  scope of Falcons wing span. 

Like most of these Legends 3 3/4 figures,Falcon is lacking upper torso articulation.He does ,however,have a swivel waist as well as an articulated neck to allow Falcon to look up when flying or when dispatching Redwing. 

Falcon also comes with an alternate ,closed wing, back pack and head sculpt.

My second Fathers Day purchase arrived yesterday and ill be taking a look at it later on today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fathers Day Pick Up

This is one of two Father's Day  pick ups ,the other should be here sometime this week.I needed an updated Falcon figure  to add to my movie universe Avengers.Loose pics coming up!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Iron Man 2 - iron Man Mark III

Wrapping up my Iron Man haul today with his Mark III armor.The paint on these figures is so damn cool.There is an extra glossiness to it that other figures just don't have .It gives off a metallic vibe and rightfully so,this is Iron Man after all.  

Here he is next to the Mark 6  armor.At a glance they seem to be pretty similar ,but upon closer inspection,the two are distinguishable.

I finally got around to adding a Thor movie version to the collection so my Avengers Movie-verse is starting to shape up.I'm also waiting on a Civil War Falcon figure that should be arriving sometime next week.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Iron Man 2 - Iron Man Mark II

I'm not the biggest fan of this armor but the silver with blue accents work well.You'll notice the little bolt heads painted into the chest sculpt,I am not a fan.They also kind of  overdid it and could have gotten away with just leaving his chest plate bare.

The over sized blasters have also been overdone but I think they work well with Iron Man figures.

I will say that this armor is much more poseable . 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Iron Man 2 - Iron Man Mark I

I've overlooked this figure plenty of times before  in past toy reviews but have a newfound respect for it now that I have it in hand.

This truly is a little work of art!

The attention to detail on this movie version Mark 1 Iron Man armor is  impressive.All the visible   nuts ,bolts and working mechanisms on the suit  have been realistically  sculpted  into the armor.The weathering is  also executed perfectly .I also like the fact   that you can see parts of Stark's shirt and pants underneath his armored arm/leg plates. A removable helmet would have been an amazing touch.
 The downfall on some of these more heavily armored Iron Man figures is their limited movement .You can still get them into a decent pose or two but they will be limited.In the film ,this particular version of Iron Man wasn't particularly  limber so I guess even with the limited mobility ,  you're getting movie accuracy.Easily a top 20 figure in my collection.