Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming - Spider-Man/Vulture Set

I kept my toy haul down to  just this Spider-Man Homecoming two pack .I had a chance to pick up a vintage G.I. Joe Rolling Thunder among other things,but came to the realization that I just don't have the room.I may still add a couple of  smaller things with the extra birthday cash but for now ,this was all I really wanted.I picked this up from Target  and was surprised to see the $19.99 price tag on it.Their figures are always marked up.So,yeah,don't go paying $30 for it  on ebay. Had the Spidey figure been single carded ,I would have probably just grabbed that instead of the two pack.I'm not a big fan of the Vulture figure. He's a little cooler once you have him in-hand but overall it's still pretty "meh"  .

If the small write up on the back Is any indication of the upcoming film's plot ,I'm underwhelmed.Vulture wants the worlds most powerful technology ,but then again doesn't everyone?He's just gonna have to wait in line for the new I-Phone just like everyone else.

This Spider-Man figure Is really cool.And really ...soft?The plastic used for the sculpt Is super gummy.It works ,but I can't help but cringe every time I  bend his elbow or knees when posing.He's  missing wrist and waist articulation,but makes up for that with rocker ankles and an  articulated neck joint.This Spidey can look all the way up or down.The head sculpt is perfectly executed, everything Is pretty symmetrical.Of course you don't get the black  web lines throughout the costume.

Vulture looks more like a downgraded version of the Rocketeer. The mask/helmet looks way different than the film version and Is missing the two glowing eyes .The wings are detachable and fit snug on his back but are missing the  wind turbines. The best part about this figure are his large mechanical talons.They rock side to side  and swivel up and down.It would have been cool If they opened and closed.

Below are a few fun yet rushed  pics I put together showing both figures In action!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Birthday Pick Up

I picked this up today at Target with a little birthday cash  received over the weekend.I'm not crazy about Vultures new look but I'm digging Spideys.I'm really not up to speed  on  current pop culture but there appears to be another Spider-Man film on the horizon?This time he'll be going up against a  Cobra Strato Viper...I mean ...Vulture!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Top 20 Action Figures #1




and this..

...was all It took to get me hooked on  this...

...which,ultimately ,led me to really,really wanting this!

#1 Mattel Secret Wars Captain America

As much as I loved G.I. Joe as as a kid,the harsh reality was that they were just filling the void Marvel couldn't, with their lack of a mainstream cartoon presence.I will go to the grave a Marvel fan.The seemingly endless amount of brightly costumed characters,universes,affiliations and plot twists was enough to reel me In not only at an early age,but now as an adult .To me ,Captain America will always be the face of Marvel.I had a couple Secret Wars figures as a kid.Captain America,Spider-Man(red and black) and Dr.Doom ,but Captain America was  and still Is my favorite!

Friday, May 19, 2017

My Top 20 Figures 5-2

I've told this story before so I'll keep It short.Arak was a part of a massive X-Mas gift I received as a kid in Puerto Rico.I'm thinking my mom and dad thought they were MOTU ,but that's besides the point.I pretty much got the whole line that X-Mas.They jokingly put the figures in a box that originally contained silverware.So the joke was on me that year as my older brother and sisters all told me I was getting spoons and forks for X-Mas,lol! I knew they weren't MOTU when I saw them but loved them just the same.Arak was my favorite of the bunch.That memory coupled with the amazing condition of this figure easily makes it a top 5 in my collection.    

#5 ARAK  Lost World of Warlord 

Who doesn't love the Sarge?As a kid,this was the one I always wanted ,but had to settle for the Triple T tank  Sarge.It's a shame that If I ever wanted to track down his missing baton,I'd probably have to take out a loan to afford It. For one stinkin' ,tiny baton :( Still,sans baton ,mail away Sgt. Slaughter should  still be  a top 10 consideration for most action figure collectors.He comes in  at  #4 on my list.

#4 G.I. Joe ARAH   Sgt.Slaughter (Mail Away)

It's no "secret" that I am a huge fan of  Mattel's Secret Wars figures. I love everything about them.Even the goofy lenticular shields.I don't think I have to go into why Spidey here drops In at #3 on my top 20 action figures list.How much fun did we have with these figures!?!

#3 Marvel Secret Wars Spider-Man

Number 2 on the list Is none other than every kids dream figure,G.I. Joe ARAH  V.2 Snake Eyes!I knew I'd never own this figure as a kid.They were sold out everywhere and every kid that had one wasn't about to give or trade theirs away .In fact I never had a Snake Eyes figure as a kid ,which Is probably  why I have quite a few of them now.

#2 G.I. Joe ARAH Snake Eyes

           In tomorrows post,  I'll reveal my number 1!The best of the best!El numero uno!Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top 10 That DID NOT Make The Cut

Like I stated before,this was a tough top 20 to put together.It's like asking someone which kid they love more.I truly love all of my action figures for one reason or another.But not all of them fit into a top 20.So the 10 figures you see below are personal favorites that did not make the top 20 list.They were considered,but ultimately got booted off the island.


My Top 20 Figures 10-6

We've reached the top 10 mark.The closer I get to number one ,the harder this gets.Especially when I have so many Marvel Universe figures and vintage  that I'm fond of .I'm sure one or two will sneak their way onto my top 5,but for now we look at figures 10 thru 6!

It's rare that I find something I'm currently hunting for discounted or In a bargain bin.But,this actually happened----once!Years back I paid my local card shop a visit .The nice thing about this place was the variety of things they carried. Everything from sports cards  to  video games and vintage action figures .Pretty pricey,though.Walking up and down the aisles i stumbled across a torn and tattered cardboard box with a shoddy  "Everything Is $1" sign taped to one of the flaps.I took a quick glance and realized why everything In that box was so cheaply priced.A bunch of incomplete happy meal toys and figures.The box also contained some MOTU vehicles,but most were cracked and incomplete.I'm not one to put in the extra time and effort when it comes to rummaging through bargain bins  ,but decided to this time.That's how I got my lone Indiana Jones figure!He came sans accessories(that whip actually belonged to Croc Master)   ,although his belt and famed man purse were  both in tact.At the time ,these Hasbro Indie figures were selling for a hefty amount on ebay,even the loose ones.Finding this one for a buck saved me lots of   headaches and money.
#10 Indiana Jones (Deluxe Set)

I've expressed in the past how the only thing I thought  G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra got right was Storm Shadow.The film blew,massively!Storm Shadow didn't. While his first figure release based on the film was a bit stiff ,this unmasked version got It right.This Is the best Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow figure imo.
#9  G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)
I would have placed this Snake Eyes higher on the list had it been the original.This is the re-release of the mega popular Pursuit of Cobra Commando Snake Eyes figure.Aesthetically ,It's all there.The quality,not so much.I don't know If they used a different plastic for this version ,but something about It just seems off.It's still a great looking figure. 

#8  G.I. Joe Arashikage Clash Snake Eyes - 2 Pack (Pursuit of Cobra Reissue)
This  Is my second favorite modern   version of Snake Eyes.The all black color scheme Is what I feel suits Snake Eyes the best.Love the web gear,too.
#7  G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra  Rescue Mission Snake Eyes - 4 Pack  

Naturally ,vintage Joes are going to be high on my top 20 list.After all,they are what got It started for me.Quick Kick will always be a personal favorite of mine.I had him as a kid and used him alot!I'm super stoked to have him In my collection again.
#6  G.I. Joe ARAH Quick Kick

Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I'll be going over figures 5-2 on the list !

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Top 20 Figures 15-11

TMNT Movie Foot Soldier has always been one of my favs.Not so much on the strength of the film ,though.In fact,I prefer my TMNT Foot Soldiers to be more ninja like.What drew me to this figure was it's generic guerrilla-military  design. Plus,It's got a certain durable chunkiness to it.With over 15 points of articulation (including waist and wrist),It's super pose-able. You want guns?We've got guns!The two he's equipped with In the pic below as well as one on his right leg In a holster.And just for good measure,he's also got a knife holster with removable knife on the backside of his belt.He holds them all nicely,too.As a kid I would have totally  recreated his backstory,making him a stand alone commando type bad ass.Just a great figure that works.

#15 TMNT   Movie Foot Soldier

I love the classic super hero vibe this Triton figure gives off.Something about a heroic green amphibious humanoid that just makes sense.I must admit to not knowing a whole lot about Triton,other than the fact that he Is part of the Inhumans.As far as the figure goes,I love it.Nothing fancy,just a flat green base with glossy purple accents that make Triton pop.Yes,there Is a lack of articulation,but no ab crunch also means no disruption In the flow of the sculpt.The balled up fist has always been a plus for me,ever since the days of Mattel's Secret Wars figures.Added accessories could have landed Triton In a higher spot ,but that coupled with limited articulation puts him at # 14 on my Top 20 list.  
 #14 Marvel Legends 3 3/4 Triton
                                                                        Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk!!!This one 
I have a special attachment to.It was a rough period for my family and I ,as we were transitioning from one home to another .Money was tight and I expressed to everyone not to get me anything for my upcoming birthday.This totally flew over my daughters heads as they ran into my toy room on my birthday yelling"You,thought we forgot about you!!"  ,with an Avengers movie gift bag ,a DC comics t- shirt and this Gamma Smash Hulk figure.Sentimental value aside,I really like this figure.Lots of toy reviewers crapped all over It ,criticizing everything from his beige pants  to his heavy set mid section.I'll admit,I'm not crazy about the squared off ab crunch,but everything else about this figure Isn't  horrible.In fact,I'll go out on a limb and say this Is the best head sculpt on a Marvel Universe  Hulk action figure to date.

# 13 Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk 

#12 Marvel Universe Beta Ray Bill  
I  never thought I'd own a Beta Ray action figure.Now I'm glad I do!This Is the kind of figure that really brings out the kid In you.When your holding such a powerful character In your hand ,you want to set up a group of villains and have Beta knock them all down with one swift Stormbreaker blow !All the while making whizzing ,whirling and crackling thunder sounds THWACK!This is action figure perfection right here.Shiny blue and gold armors accent an already amazing sculpt .If I ever decide to play with my action figures again,this figure right here will be the focal point.
I've expressed my love for this figure before.If I'm not mistaken,this Is the first unmasked Firefly figure,ever.The  scarred Ray Stevenson head sculpt Is so freaking dope.This Is by no means the best contemporary Firefly ,but It Is the most original.Not pictured Is the alternate masked head sculpt and awesomely cool light up blast board this version of Firely came with.How many figures nowadays come with blast boards! ?!Did I mention Firefly's forearms are a translucent green and light up when placed on the blast boards control levers?

# 11 G.I. Joe Retaliation Firefly

Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I'll be taking a look at figures 10-6 !

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Top 20 Figures

Time for a countdown peoples.I figured,my birthday Is 5 days away ,so why not   do this In installments,revealing the number one figure on the 20th!Now these aren't just figures that I'm crushing on currently.These are figures that have stood the test of time,mainstays that I refuse to get rid of  because of how much I dig them and what they mean to me.Lets get things started with figure #20....

Captain Phasma just barely made #20 on the list.The off to the side cape ,the personal blaster and all around aura the figure gives off on display, got her on this list.She really Is just an awesome figure.Plus,what could be better than a chromed out Storm trooper?

#20 Captain Phasma

If you look closely,you'll see dust starting to collect on Soundwave's shoulders.A testament to how long he's been on display .My Mashers Soundwave ain't going nowhere any time soon.This G1 accurate rendition of  everybody's favorite Decepticon Is ,imo,the best figure to come out of Hasbro's Masher's line of Transformers.

# 19 Transformers Mashers Soundwave

 I can take separate pics of Nightcrawler or Wolverine  ,even If they both belong to the same team,and It won't look odd or seem strange.With the TMNT's It's,different.They are always together ,well most of the time.No team of heroes looks out for each other the way these four do.Maybe It's because they're brothers.That Is why I see them more as a unit.They come In at #18.I know they haven't been in my collection long enough to meet the "mainstay" criteria,but I can assure you that these guys are mainstay's.I just love the ninja shits out of em.So worn and weathered,each with their respective facial expressions.Gotta love these Mega Bloks figs!
#18 Mega Bloks Eastman Laird b/w TMNT

 Battle Glider black Suit Spider-Man could have made It higher on the list but didn't seeing as how It Is not the technically black and has a lack of articulation.The figure has more of a deep blue tint to it with a sparkly finish.While I'm not a fan of the "sparkly's"   ,It's not as pronounced as It is on other Marvel Universe figures.The backpack slash glider Is pretty neat as well .To me,It's kind of like an homage to the black Secret Wars Spidey that came with a Styrofoam glider.What I like most about this figure Is the body and head sculpt.So many Spider-Man figures get the eyes wrong on their head sculpts but this one  didn't. Also,the sculpted muscles on this figure look great despite the lack of waist and wrist articulation.  
#17 Battle Glider Black Suit Spider-man
 When these guys were announced as Happy Meal premiums back in the 80's ,I secretly lusted after them.Now,as a soon-to-be 40 year old fart,I can't hide my love for them  any longer. Love,love,love the Kermit figure especially.
#16 Happy Meal Premium Muppet Babies  Kermit the Frog 

                  Stay tuned for tomorrows post where i'll be taking a look at numbers  15 - 11!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

G.I. Joe ARAH - Chuckles

G.I. Joe has long been off my radar ,since Retaliation I think.The last Joe I can remember picking up was the 50th Ann. Commando Snake Eyes.A remake of the popular POC  Snake Eyes.Both figures look exactly the same but the quality of the remake seemed  a bit off.That,coupled with the TRU exclusivity  really killed the franchise for me.I've been  G.I. Joe'd out for a couple of years now.Lately, I've been trying to find a way to rekindle that childhood love I had for G.I. Joe ,but find myself coming  up short  In the process.So I'm going to press the reset button.From now on,my Joe collecting will draw inspiration from what Is probably my fondest memory of  the overall franchise.The Rise of Cobra!


Just below Is  what has to be my biggest,most best-est G.I. Joe  moment of  all time!The animated film,G.I. Joe :The Movie!Not only would this be a full length feature film ,but lots of the new characters would be making their first animated debuts!I mean,it was cool to own Jinx,Chuckles and Falcon figures ,but to see them In action was pure ecstasy.Which brings me to the main purpose of this post.

I owned most of  the major players In the film as a kid.I had Falcon,Jinx,Chuckles ,Tunnel Rat ,Slaughter,Serpentor etc.At this time,I only own two -Sgt. Slaughter and now,Chuckles.I think you all know where this is going.

I won't be going after complete figures,instead,focusing on ones with tight joints and good paint (It's alot cheaper that way).I can always pick up accessories as I go.Operation :Recapture Childhood Joes Is officially In effect.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TMNT Mega Bloks - Bebop (Villain Pack)

I've finally reached the end of my TMNT Mega Bloks rope.This Is the Bebop Villains Pack set that comes with Bebop and three Foot Soldiers.   

 You gotta hand It to Mega Bloks for creating  such  cool little articulated figures .It's amazing to me that something so tiny can be engineered to fit so well together and work!Seriously,If Mega Bloks created a 3 3/4 figure in this same manor,It would totally work!Imagine the fun customizers would have. It could be something like Mashers but without all the goofy ports.

Baby Foot Soldiers!Everyone's favorite elongated skulled purple alien ninja! 

I didn't think I was gonna dig the sewer plumbing display stands too much but man ,I fucking love em!The little action shot portraits are just awesome to look at.Mega Bloks has a way of making you forget that these are lego esque children's building blocks.I decided to get creative and add a second floor to this display. 

Check this shit out!

See If you can spot Kraang!

This Is how I'll display all three sets.Notice how I did away with Kraangs body and the Raphael movie figure.I have no interest In collecting any of the OOTS Mega Bloks figures.I'm sticking with Shredder until I can get a classic one.