Sunday, April 30, 2017

Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 - Admiral Ackbar

I'll admit to not knowing much  about Ackbar.I remember seeing him on a ship ,co piloting,maybe?I always thought he was the coolest looking alien In the film,though.As a kid I always wanted his action figure but had to settle for an Admiral Ackbar 3 3/4 rubber eraser (which was pretty damn cool in it's own right). Now ,I finally have my very own ,highly articulated Admiral Ackbar figure!

This Black Series 3 3/4 Admiral Ackbar figure has jettisoned to the top of my favorites list!It's a damn near flawless figure.From the paint apps to the head sculpt and execution of his smock ,just an excellent figure.

I'm not so sure how to work his contraption,though.I'm pretty sure I have him holding It upside down.

"How do you work this thing?"  "Oh yeah,and..what Is It?"

I don't remember ever seeing the Admiral In action.Like I said before ,my memory of him Is solely behind the ships terminal.Never wielding a weapon of any kind. 

My 3 3/4 Star Wars collection is slowly coming along.Captain Phasma and the First Order  Storm trooper were not part of the plan as I am only going after figures that appeared in the older films.But they were on sale and pretty cool looking so I said what the heck.Really need to add a Princess Leia  figure soon.Most are too damn expensive and those Power of the Force ones look hideous.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy MOTU Day!

Wasn't even aware of the occasion but Toy Box has made me hip to It.Soooo,Happy MOTU Day 2017!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Star Wars Blueprints Paper Craft Death Star Set

This was the set that prompted me to make a purchase on the discount shopping site, be honest,I didn't know what I was getting with this boxed set of Star Wars paper crafts.I didn't have any interest In the figures ,just the Tie Fighter and Death Star.Questions swirled around my head regarding the quality of the product,size and display-ability. Let's take a look at my findings!

Box front

Box back

I won't go into building the figures because frankly I'm just not interested In them.This Is how they look,though, when taken out of the box.My daughter put Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker together but they don't hold up very well from what I could tell.  

Although the pieces of the Tie Fighter and Death Star come loose ,none were damaged or creased. 

This cool sheet of stickers was also included.Not sure what to do with them.

I thought the iconic circular window would just  be pictured In the background.I was super excited to find out It was an actual separate  clear  piece!  

One fold out sheet (front and back)has instructions on how to put everything together.

I was relieved when I saw tat the base was made of a solid cardboard.After all this would be where most figures would be standing.Also,I was taken back by the size.This thing Is pretty massive. Things did get a little hectic ,though,during assembly.You see that black piece off to the right hand corner of this pic?Well ,that Is the the base stabilizer .If you don't line up the tabs correctly ,It will not fall into place and give you a giant migraine In the process.It's not hard to do,but i was In a rush ,so naturally panic set In when I saw that nothing was lining up. Eventually I got It to work! 

The partitions are also made out of a durable cardboard and are just beautiful!Everything Is 2D but rendered nicely! This was literally a snap to put on.

Just the base and partition alone would have made for an awesome display piece/background.But no,this bad boy as a second floor,too!  

In the excitement of putting this together,I forgot to snap shots of the top floor,partition and stair assembly.And that was due to how easily the building process for that was.Everything slipped right into place ,nice and secure.For a cardboard playset,this thing Is super sturdy!You can move It around without worrying about It falling apart.In fact,I think all playsets should be made this way,with extra,smaller  plastic accessories to add depth.I had one guy on Instagram compare this to the pop up cantina set . 

Finally,once you tie it all together up top,you've got yourself a decent little Death Star replica and a great play set to display your figures In!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


While doing some late night surfing last week,I stumbled across this website called hollar.Just like any insane toy collector would have done,I dropped down to their  action figures/vehicles department and was stunned to fine so many cheaply priced toys!Alot of them are figures that are warming the pegs at your local department stores ,but still,the prices were great.Everything from Marvel Legends to Star Wars the Force Awakens figures.Tons of Mega Bloks,Marvel Mashers and Titan Heroes ,listed at close to 80% off!If that didn't seem crazy enough , they also offer  free shipping (on your first order of  15 dollars or more)!I immediately became skeptical and went to the inter webs to read the site reviews. I was disappointed to read that a few people had bad experiences with them ,but took the chance anyways.Hollar does tell you that shipping may take up to 10 days ,so I expected that.Surprisingly,my package arrived in about 7 business days.

So,how much do you think I paid for all this?18 bucks shipped free!The TMNT Mega Bloks were 2 bucks a piece,and both play sets 5 a piece. Pretty insane,huh!I think that because this was my first purchase with them ,they made sure that everything went smooth.It's up to you guys If you want to take the chance with them or not.I'm sure there's something for everybody there.It's like a giant clearance section.Stay tuned for pics of all this stuff suelto! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

90's Superman Comic

I stopped by my moms house today to drop off a new wheel for her lawnmower ,which I'll be using very soon weather permitting,to do her lawn every week.She handed me this white packet with a Superman insignia on It and said my aunt had left It there for me.My aunt  knows I'm a sucker for comics and things of that nature and decided It would be good idea to pass this on to me.I'm still wondering where she might have gotten It from,though?Oh well,when I see her ,I'll thank her and then get the low down on the Supes mag ;)

I know nothing about this run of Superman so If anybody has any nuggets of info they'd like to lend,do so In the comment section.Also,should I remove the translucent cover?And why the translucent cover In the first place?

The package also included a neat trading card depicting  4 alternate versions of  Superman.

Last but not least.Anybody familiar with my package arrived today and In my next post ,we'll go over the awesomeness together :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marvel Toybiz - Kingpin

Toybiz made pretty much every character that saw the light In a  Marvel Comic at one point or another.Hasbro has a ways to go If they want to catch up with them.For instance,we still haven't gotten a Marvel Universe Kingpin figure.I suppose one will be released at some point,but for now,this Toybiz version will have to do.

He doesn't look great   with the newer Marvel Universe figures ,but It's the only Knigpin I have right now.Thanks to John Gaither for sending him over!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Schwarzenegger / Commando Vintage 3 3/4 Figures

The Mandela Effect?Or something like It.I don't actually have any memory of these toys ,although, apparently , they released at the height of my childhood toy acquiring days.Diamond Toymakers was the name of the company responsible for producing these paramilitary half pints.They released In 1986 along with a six inch line of the same figures and sculpts.Playing with these for a little while on my toy shelf,I would have definitely dug them as a kiddo.The following MOC pics are not mine.I snagged them off of ebay to show an example of the carded figure.I'm looking at the packaging and wondering If I saw these at one point In my childhood on the Chuck E. Cheese wall of prizes.

Here we have Sawbones,John Matrix and Psycho.All sculpted differently ,standing at about the same height.What's strange about these figures Is their arms and head sculpts,which are made out of  a soft rubber.It works,but I still find It a bit odd.Actually ,Sawbones arms are hard plastic,so he might be the acception .I don't have any of their original weapons,but Joe accessories work well with them.The hand sculpts firmly grip onto most weapons.The figures sport 8 points of articulation,including a rotating waist.  

In this comparison pic,we have John Matrix standing next to  a  vintage Hasbro's Snake Eyes,the new Lanard Sam Jackson figure  and a Chap Mei Red Beret