Monday, April 25, 2016

I Double Doom Dare Ya!

I thought It might be nice to whip out the old Mattel Secret Wars Doom  , to see how It stacks up against the newer Marvel Universe Doom.Lets take a look at the two shall we...

Right away,you'll notice that the Marvel Universe Doom Is aesthetically superior to the more kid friendly,Mattel Doom.While I like Hasbro's overall look,I actually prefer Mattel's head sculpt.

Check out the eyes on the Secret  Wars Doom.While they're not painted,you can still see the outline of  the eyes.I don't remember him having yellow/gold eyes at any point In the comics.Maybe Hasbro was going for the glowing,evil look.I like a more humanized Doom as opposed to a glowing eyed Doom-bot .

Mattel could have gone the extra mile and added a cape to their version.Doom needs a cape!Hasbro takes the cake in that department.But while I have the two with their backs turned ,notice the kick ass jet pack on Secret Wars Doom that doubles as a holster for any one of his two blasters.I like to stash the bigger one back there. 

And that's where the artsy ,fartsy Marvel Universe Doom falls flat on his iron tuckus. Playabilty!He comes weaponless and is unable to hold anything In his pistol gripped right hand.He Is a traffic conductor at best.A shooer. Not to mention the lack of leg poseability due to his skirt getting In the way. 

Secret Wars Dr.Doom,on the other hand,Is totally functional.Two working holsters,two blasters and a balled up fist for back up.If things go sour and Doom has to retreat,then there Is always the jet pack.

Hasbro pulls off the modernized look well,but at a cost.The added articulation Is a plus but could become brittle over time with repeated use.Secret Wars figures do suffer from paint apps that easily rub ,but that's expected from any vintage figure .Even so,you'll hardly ever see  a Mattel Secret Wars figure with any broken limbs( Doc Ock excluded). As far as play-ability and all around fun,Mattel Secret Wars wins hands down.Damn, not bad for a 30 year old figure.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Masters Of Evil!

Skeletor couldn't make it to the photo shoot due to the lack of  flights leaving Eternia this time of year. These days,Eternia Is pretty much a no-fly zone .Shredder was invited but declined due to a deep depression over the lack of justice his action figures have received these last couple of years.He reportedly surfaces from time to time,trolling toy forums and bombing social media sites with memes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hot Wheels Marvel - Captain America '70 Ford Mustang 2/8

Hot Wheels discount bins are the ultimate eye catcher.Even If you don't dabble In die cast ,there Is no denying the gravitational pull of  a 3 foot high bin overflowing with brightly packaged , multi-colored  metallic  shininess :) I get sucked In all the time,but never pull the trigger on anything.I don't care much for die cast cars.Not the normal ones.Not even souped up,shark shaped ones.It's a different story when It comes to the Marvel themed Hot-Wheels.I always give those a second look whenever I see them on the pegs,but never picked any up because of the 3 dollar price tag most carry.Well,the other day I was out at my local Wal Mart looking for a wireless mouse w/ mouse pad .Upon finding what I was looking for,I begin walking back towards the checkout line , inevitably passing by that sultry  Hot Wheels discount bin. Evil Hot Wheels bin I tell you,pure evil!I didn't expect to find anything In there ,but a dollar bin Is still a dollar bin.I had to give It a quick look see.And what did I see?I see Captain America, Bucky and Black Widow on a   cool vintage cardback!I see cool 70's Mustang with cool red,white and blue deco!I see China I see France...

I won't be going after the whole set,buy I will be on the look out for more pop culture HW's .I checked online and there are a few that are currently on my want list like Luke Cage's 70's Chevy Blazer,Iron Fists 80's El Camino ,Hawkeyes '44 Dodge A100 and Spider-Man's '44 Chevy Nova .Those might be hard to find items,not sure about rarity when It comes to Hot-Wheels .We'll see.I'm having a hard time deciding whether to keep them moc or not .

Monday, April 18, 2016

Finally , Marvel Universe Dr. Doom!

Hasbro released their Marvel Universe Dr.Doom figure way back In 2009,and I'm just getting around to picking one up.This guy Is almost impossible to find under 20 bucks online and If your lucky to find one at a toy re seller, be prepared to pay about the same.I won this guy in an Ebay auction for about 11 bucks shipped,and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.Every other time I've placed bids on this figure,20 people jump In and bump the high bid amount  above the 15 dollar mark and I refuse to pay more than 10 bucks for a 3 3/4 figure.It's insane ,I know.Now ,I finally have a Doom figure  worthy of leading the small  team of  villains I've been slowly amassing.Now ,we celebrate!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Toy Disorderly Is Now Live!

For those of you who haven't heard,Brothermidnight and I have been working tirelessly these last couple of days  on  Toy-Disorderly   , a new toy forum  for the casual collector of everything from action figures to dolls!Brothermidnight delivered with an awesome header design and we came up with some category ideas and starter threads that should be enough to get the ball rolling.Thanks to all the bloggers who allowed me to use their names within the TD forum.I think you will find them quite entertaining.Hopefully we'll get utmost participation from not only the followers on my blog,but also the followers of your blogs-and so on and so forth.Everyone joining must register and await approval.Once In,the forum is yours to roam :) Remember that this forum will still be a work in progress and will only get as good as we make it.So spread the word!Heck maybe Toy Disorderly T-Shirts are on the horizon.Who knows,that could be our first contest/prize offering,lol. Anyways,I digress.Without further ado,I present to you ......JURASSIC PARK...just kidding .....

Toy - Disorderly

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TMNT Movie - Foot Soldier

I'm a little late to the party with this figure,but at the party, nonetheless. I've avoided the Nickelodeon line of TMNT figures like the plague.Aside from the Nick turtles themselves,I feel like alot of the villains got shafted.We still don't have a proper Shredder to speak of In this contemporary line of animated series or movie figures.Things do look a little brighter with this new line of movie figures,as far as Krang,Bebop and Rocksteady go.Last years movie line wasn't really impressive ,but they got this foot soldier right.I needed some villains to  display with my Playmates Nick Eastman Laird turtles ,and this figure earned that honor. Eventually I will have to track down a Krang ,Rocksteady and Bebop from this years first wave of movie figures.I won't really go into any review as this one's been on countless toy vlogs and sites already.

I would have rather this guy been named something else because to me a Foot Soldier has to be a Ninja.But he'll do as a general gun toting baddie In my T.M.N.T. universe. He's pretty bad ass.Everything fits snug on this guy,from the translucent mask to the solid weaponry. 

Lots of times ,when you get an action figure who comes with weapons, you worry about them being able to hold and store them.Well,this guy shines in both departments.I love the sheaths location on this figure. 

My only knock against this figure Is his scale.He fits In ok with the turtles line but that's about It.He's not 3 3/4 and not quite 6 inches either.He won't look right with any other line of figures that's not T.M.N.T. and that kind of blows considering that he has such a universal ,cool design. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

G.I. Joe Valor Vs. Venom - Venomous Maximus

We've come to the final piece In the trade package I received from Derek,of Coolandunusual , and it was a gem!I've been after this figure for years now,always passing It up on eBay due to overblown scalper prices.Derek must have remembered me mentioning him in an older post or comment and came through for me big time. I couldn't wait to get this figure in hand ,because frankly,It is not your typical G.I. Joe figure.The sculpt Is completely original  and that's what I like about Venomus Maximus  most.Besides the cool name ;)He came to me incomplete without his cape and staff  but I can try to track those down at a later date.

Venomous Maximus made his debut In the G.I. Joe Valor Vs. Venom animated movie.After Cobra captured General Hawk,they infused him with a combination animal hybrid DNA and created Maximus. His debut would be short lived,however,as the Joes were able to find a serum and turn General Hawk back to his human human form. Damn you G.I. Joe!I would have preferred Venomous to stick around alot longer.Like,forever.Some say this was Serpentor ,done right as far as appearance and overall badassery. 

 I gotta thank D ,again, for hooking It up!And If you haven't been there yet,check out Orniphus (Derek) over at Coolandunusual and give his posts a read.Here Is a sneak peak at what's  coming up when we take our next Toy Break !

Friday, April 1, 2016

Marauder "Gun Runners" (

I only learned about these figures recently on a site that's featured on my blog list called Reasonably Intelligent Rambling.It's a nice site with lots and lots of Joe pics,dioramas and a cool alternate history G.I. Joe storyline. The sites author,Thomas Brooks,published a post on a Marauder "Gun-Runners" figure that really piqued my interest. Marauder " Gun-Runners" is a web store that specializes in weapons and accessories for most all  3 3/4   action figures i.e. G.I. Joe,Marvel Universe , etc. 
Not only do they dabble In weapons and diorama accessories,but they also offer  contemporary G.I. Joe-like  action figures that can be customized to your liking via a port hole system. They offer a nice variation of head sculpts, and mission related colored uniforms with a gi-normous amount of weapons,vests,helmets and war paraphernalia to arm them with.It's like Build-A-Bear meets G.I. Joe!Needless to say ,I was   impressed.I had yet to bring myself to pull the trigger on one of their figures when to my surprise ,in the trade package sent to me by my good buddy Orniphus ,was this awesome Marauder "Gun-Runners" action figure!My jaw hit the floor! Not so awesome you say?That's because I haven't armed him to the teeth yet ;)

With these......! 

Read the red text in the voice of  the narrator on "A Christmas Story" -   

" So while the wifey was getting her hair done  last night.......I stayed behind.Alone In my room, mind racing with  infinite possibilities.What was I going to name him?Where would his sheaths go and what color was my wife's hair going to be,now? I quickly went to work on the vest , attaching pouches,equipping holsters and  arming pistols!And most importantly, I didn't shoot my eye out..."     

So this Is what I came up with...

Everything fits ok,but I think the ideal thing to do with these Is to glue the pieces into the ports once you have your figure the way you want him.I added the Uzi and pistol on his leg holster.The joints are comparable to the newer Joe stuff we have today but the weapons seem to have more detail.

This really is a glorious figure ,from the head sculpt on down. Orniphus,please pardon my french but you my friend are the fucking man!I can't thank you enough.Oh,and I still have one more G.I. Joe gem  to go,so stay tuned for that one folks!Until next time "YO JO....." I mean... "MARAUDERS GUN RUNNERS,YO!"