Saturday, September 5, 2015

The CORPS! Elite - Ogre

I have to applaud the Lanard company for giving It more than the old college try when It comes to their line of military themed action figures.Recently,I had gotten a bit bored with toy collecting.Not only that but the constant price hikes on everything Hasbro had been releasing  made It nearly impossible for me to stay In the game.Well,Lanard has pretty much pulled me back In with a new line of awesome looking and affordable action figures! Everything from the card art down to the cool storyline and cool sets ,has me wanting to pick up more.Not only did my Wal Mart have the 3 3/4 figures,but the 6 Inch fully articulated figures as well.Those I think would look great next to TMNT figures and some 6 Inch Batman figures as well.I'm interested again and what I'm interested In Isn't going to break the bank either,and  that's a good thing.At 2 bucks a figure ( 4 bucks for the 6 Inch figures) and 7 to 8 bucks a set,you can't go wrong.

Captain America First Avenger - U.S. Agent (Movie Line)