Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Trade Package Figures Part 2

A trio of what I believe are 50th Ann. Iron Grenadiers.

50th Ann. Cobra Commander and 25th Ann. Scuba Gear Baroness.

Two figures I absolutely love are Heavy Duty and Stiletto.I'll be going over Stiletto a little more in depth In a future post. One of the things I liked the most about Stiletto was the write up on  her file card.  


  1. ruined my beautiful Cobra Commander lol

    1. I had to Brother !I needed a Red Skull figure,too LOL. The custom was pretty cool looking 😉

  2. this package just keeps on giving out awesomeness!

    I just love getting army builders in bulk, there's something really cool about unwrapping several of the same specialty troops, like you are receiving reinforcements for your private army or something.

    Not a fan of the Crimson Guard attire for Cobra Commander but that mold might be the best cobra commander out there right now. I had in my plans to get this figure to paint it or swap parts for it to be all black with no red. This because the first Cobra Commander I got was the BattleCorps one that was all black, it was a really cool figure and one of my favorite Cobras.

    Heavy Duty and Stiletto look cool af by their own merits.

  3. I actually like the red accents on this C.C. And your spot on about this version being the best out there.The 25th was cool but the Retaliation Ultimate sculpt is pretty much perfect.I wish they would have kept on releasing Ultimate versions of our favorite Joes.

  4. That Cobra Commander figure is awesome!

  5. Only CC can pull off the regal look 🔥🔥