Saturday, August 1, 2020

Broken But Not Beaten!

I remember a time when I could walk into a department/toy store and be totally surprised by what I came across In the toy aisles.  In fact, the only forewarning came from the tail end of a quick 2 minute commercial or a low definition pic in a comic book or  catalog.  Another telltale sign would be a newly premiered  Saturday morning cartoon that gained popularity. This  usually meant an action figure line for the series was  fast approaching. Even then we never knew what the actual product was going to look like until we made the trip out to our local toy or department store to meet and greet the toy, face to face. Nothing compared to the giddiness we got as  kids In the car  on our way to Toys R Us. The anticipation of finding that hot, new action figure line on fully stocked pegs! The rush of adrenaline on your way back home, specimen in hand,  to spread the good toy news to your friends! O.k. this mostly applies to our childhood, I know,  but alot of us still collect. Sometimes It's nice to be hit with something for the first time without having already seen It a gazillion times online. The thing that bugs me Is the over saturation of  toy exposure before they even hit store shelves. Prominent toy vloggers/bloggers that get first, hands on access to some of these figures months before they make their retail debut, kind of spoiling that element of surprise for the rest of us. I'm  cool with toy-cons and product unveilings because It's all part of the community. But, take this one G.I. Joe Youtube channel I've recently subscribed to for instance. At first It was cool getting up to date info on what was coming out but then It got to be a little too much. I don't know about you but having something you really want waved In your face repeatedly and not being able to go out and pick up one of your own Is kind of  annoying. I know I could have pre-ordered but where's the fun In that? First of all, everyone and their mom will be doing It so  you're not even guaranteed what you've purchased because of  product availability. Even If you get lucky you still have to wait months for It to arrive. You never know what your getting. You could get a defective or horribly painted figure and then you have to repeat the shipping  process If you want to return It. For me,that's just too much. That's why I decided to wait for the figures to get to my local Wal Mart. 


The other day I walk into my Wal Mart and find a few of the Classified figures sitting on the store shelf. Yes! My patience had paid off but I would have to wait because I like to get a face to face  o.k. from my better half before dropping $20 bucks on any one figure. I went back home, got the green light and about an hour later headed back to Wal Mart only to find that all of the figures had been swooped up already. There was one Snake Eyes ,2 Scarlet's and a couple of Roadblocks. They could have at least left one of the duplicates, but no. So you wanna know what I did? 

Hell yeah! For less than the price of one over-sized  and glorified Joe I got two fun action figures with a vehicle and some cool accessories!

And to boot? One Manbat figure coming right up!

I know I sound like a scorned collector right now. Well, really, I'm not. I'll get my crack at a 6 inch Snake Eyes sooner or later but for now I'll just continue  doing the Spin Master thing!

Stay tuned for TimMee Mountain/DC action figure goodness!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

DC Spin Master Heroes Unite - The Flash

I broke down and picked up a Flash figure online. It was the one figure I felt I had to add to my DC Heroes Unite collection before moving on to the filler figures. He's not even one of my favs from the line but a must have If you want a decent Justice League group display. On a side note, this Is the first Flash figure to make an appearance on this or any other toy blog I've ever ran In the past.

The paint used on some of the brighter figures In this line is very glossy. It comes across great in-hand but it can be a pain to take pictures without a shiny glare. Ironically, I took these shots of  Flash without flash.   

He's a nice looking figure. A bit more muscular than I would have liked for a Flash figure but It's not so bad.  

It's all becoming clearer to me now. I suspected that his action shot would be the same as Cyborgs seeing as how they are depicted together. 

It's the backgrounds that change according to the mission you receive.  

I had Flash standing up next to his locker for this pic. This was the image that developed. Flash got jokes! 

I'm not that versed In the Flash mythos but I don't ever remember him having any powers other than superhuman speed. I still really like these mystery accessories. It lends to the imagination.

He reminds me of  Funko Primal Age Flash with his equipped accessories.

Here's the collection so far.

Monday, July 20, 2020

DC Spin Master The Caped Crusader - Joker

The Joker Is my newest addition from the DC Spin Master  line of action figures.  I passed this figure up a few times thinking he'd be warming the pegs and I'd be able to snag him up at a later time. I was right. There's still a few of these left at my local Wal Mart. 

While not my favorite figure from the line, The Joker was a must-add. Nothing amazing about this figure, just a decent rendition of  old school Joker.

As random as this DC Spin Master line Is, Joker's collectible card was the same as Batman's. It would have been cool to have an original Joker action shot, but not a big deal,really.  

Sneaky Joker poking around Batman's locker  looking for the mystery items!

And here they are! Yes, I got a pair of  bat-gauntlets to equip my Tactical Batman figure with! I'm also digging the boxing glove mini bazooka and exploding chattering teeth! Both look good with this Joker figure.

      The classic Joker/Batman face off! 

While the the draw here Is to complete Batman's armor ensemble, It's also cool to be able to  mix and match accessories.I now have the gauntlets and helmet. Next I'll need his chest plate. For now I'll use Cyborgs jet pack.

Ahhh, memories of 1990 quick change Batman from Kenner! Hideously awesome!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

DC Spin Master Heroes Unite - Shazam!

Today we take a look at Shazam! 

I got lucky with the paint apps on this one. Everything Is pretty clean on this figure.

Not hard to tell who this locker belongs too. 'Hello!Anybody home!?!"

I'm guessing that first mystery accessory Is supposed to be Shazam! as a kid? Before the transformation? Then we have the bent piece of scrap metal and an energy/lightning effect. 

My theory on being able to adjoin the collectible cards was an incorrect one. Here we have a totally different background from the Superman and Cyborg cards .

Shazam! standing next to who I can only assume Is Billy Batson.

I really like the energy effect. It fits, with a peg, into Shazam's hand but looks natural when equipped.

And the obligatory piece of warped scrapped metal that figures like Hulk, Superman and Thing always seem to include.

A nice, clean cut cape! It's kind of hard to describe the fabric, though. It's cloth but then again It's not.   

The flash would not work for this pic. Not sure why, but I must have taken 5 straight shots from the same angle and no flash. I don't know I kind of like the matte look of  It. 

Here's the collection so far!

Friday, July 17, 2020

DC Spin Master Heroes Unite - Cyborg

Every time I crack open another 4" DC Spin Master  figure, I learn something new or notice something different about It. I'm not sure If the cardback variations, though subtle, are done on purpose or If It was just a blunder on their part. Either way I kind of like It. As you can see, unlike the Superman cardback, this one sports the 1st Edition foil stamp on the upper right hand corner of the packaging. Also, I really like how they place character specific logo/insignia right underneath the figure.

As we turn the package around, you'll notice the image of the actual figure along with the 4 possible missions you could receive. Not all Spin Master packaging Is the same. Sometimes you'll have a digitally rendered picture of the character or no picture of the character at all, just the 4 missions. This could all be wave specific ,though. If anybody knows more about this than I do, please fill us In down In the comment section.   

Ahhh, no cape! Finally a figure I can just yank out of the packaging without worrying about damaging any soft goods.

Cyborg, chillin' next to the detachable locker containing the three mystery accessories. All Heroes Unite figures come with one. Again, you get the characters logo/insignia stamped on each unit.   

I'm so glad I pulled this particular set of accessories! The silver chainsaw and jet pack make more sense than the brighter colored ones do. And It seems a though I may have a rare, red blaster .   

Sorry about the blurry scan, but these are the two possible sets of accessories you could receive with your Cyborg figure. If you look closely, the yellow square underneath the red blaster indicates a rare accessory.  

Honestly, I wasn't crazy about the Cyborg figure inside the packaging, but after holding him in-hand my thoughts on the figure have changed. I mean, look at this greatness!   

Funny how his collectible card  features The Flash, a figure i think I am going to have a hard time obtaining. On a side note , you might be able to adjoin these collectible cards. Judging from the Superman card with the  similar background. 

Stay tuned, people. Captain Marvel, err, Shazam, Is next up to the plate!