Saturday, February 25, 2017

Google Plus Marvel Vs. Joe Pics V.1

A while back,I posted a series of  Marvel Vs. Joe pics on my Google Plus account .I figured ,why not showcase them on my blog?No-brainer,right?I had a ball putting these shots together even though It's pretty much a lose,lose situation for the Joes.I mean,you can't beat super human power /strength. I've since let go of most of these Joe figs,but have acquired some new ones .Long story short,stay tuned for Marvel Vs. Joe pics V.2 on my Google Plus account! In the meantime- DING-DING-DING!- Enjoy the match ups ;)

Lanard King Kong - Sam Jackson set

 Lanard  is really stepping up their game.Little by little ,the quality  of their product has improved and their variety increased.While everyone has been anticipating the release of  the CORPS! newest recruits ,mainly Impact, Lanard was quietly making moves ,acquiring the license to create King Kong figures and sets based on the upcoming film.It caught alot of us off guard largely because Lanard Isn't what one would consider a sexy name brand.It's a discount line that catered to the more frugal toy collector,kids and adults alike.So ,along comes all this super cool looking Kong merchandise and now we're thinking "Uh-oh,here come the price hikes!". But no!All Kong figures and sets still sported that familiar Lanard wallet friendly price tag.Damn,ya gotta give Lanard their due props.

Wasn't sure what the name of the creature In this set was so I'm just going to call It the "Sam Jackson" set.That's right,Sam Jackson!Lanard's doing  actual big name movie stars now!That's pretty impressive for a low budget toy company. You get alot of bang for your buck ,here.10 bucks gets you an action figure with Camo/weapon accessories,military styled command station and a creature out of the King Kong live action film.

The camo gear Is somewhat functional If you want to equip It all at once.The head piece fits loosely on the figures head but the rest  attaches rather nicely.Looks great on display!    

The camo gear fits pretty much all other figures as long as they have a peg hole In their backs.

Even though I'm not that crazy about the buck used for this figure,they did a great job with Jacksons likeness.

I can't ,for the life of me,remember what this creatures name is, and I'm too lazy to Google It now.Crawler ,maybe?Idk,but it looks pretty cool.No leg,tail or neck  articulation ,though.The jaw Is movable.Also,the plastic feels very durable and reminds me of  the old D&D pvc figures.

The command outpost Is something that has been released before by Lanard, but this one Is more customized to fit the films theme.I love the small maps and attention to detail on the schematics.

                     I decided to throw my Chap Mei figs into the mix  and they look pretty good together.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chap Mei Military Figures

I pulled the trigger on this small lot of Chap Mei military figures the other day.5 bucks and some change was all I paid for these guys,a steal If you ask me.I'm extremely late to the Chap Mei party.I see them alot on blogs,Youtube  and Instagram and always thought they looked cool.It wasn't until Brother Midnight sent me a Chap Mei troll that I would decide to give these figures a try.What I like the most about these figures Is their quality.The plastic Is very rough and tumble, reminiscent of the old Adventure People figures. They remind me alot of the old Kenner stuff ,too.You could use these with alot of other toy lines-Kenner Aliens-Jurassic Park,Swamp Thing and even the new King Kong stuff thats been coming out lately. The sculpts are enough to keep you busy .Lots of small intricacies here and there with damn near perfect paint apps.Their weapons are big,very big.A trait that  takes away from realism but distinguishes the line.I really like these guys!So much so that  I had to give them all their own individual names!


Grunts - Claymore and Sure Shot 



Monday, February 20, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Your Mission,Should You Choose To Accept It

I'm hoping Mr.Smith doesn't mind me changing the rules up here a little ,but I'd like to give Round Robin Challengers an extra week on this assignment.Only because It will involve a little leg work.This weeks challenge,should you choose to accept it,goes a little something like this...

Remember how cool It was when our moms would come home from shopping and we found items like the following In the grocery bags?

Now we get to relive that magical moment!Your mission Is to go out and pick up any cartoon/movie themed food item and review it!Snap pics of  the food contents within.Is it fairly priced?Does It live up to the hype?How well does It represent the characters on the  box?How  does It taste and would you recommend ?   Bloggers who find an item with a premium prize inside will receive a bonus.Heck I might even send them a little something :)

Good Luck!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

You Can't Stop Kong,You Can Only Hope To Contain Him!

Shout out to Lanard for a job well done!Right when you think the line Is dying out and all they're going to release Is repainted military figures,they turn around and hit us with this!Not to say that the military figures and vehicles aren't great In their own right,but these Kong sets are really adding to Lanards ingenuity.The legend of Lanard continues...!

Check out the size comparisons.Doom has his hands full!    

Baron Zemo Is looking like a tasty little pizza roll right now.

It's snack time!Doom calls for back up!

Cap brings in the big guns,which pale in comparison to Kongs big guns.

Take that,that and that...

Somebody forgot to put  deodorant on this morning. Eeeeewww!

Snake Eyes has a long way to climb before he can introduce his katana to Kongs jugular.

Here's Lanard's Kong next to a six inch Supes figure.

Every figure Is pretty much In scale with King Kong.

Well maybe not Marvel Titans,but he still dwarfs  the competition.

This is how I'll display Kong in my quarters.He's just so massive that he wasn't about to fit on any of my units shelves.I'm thinking this Is where i'll set up the other sets as well.