Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Marvel Universe - Klaw

Once again ,Marvel Universe has the honor of  receiving another post here on 2 Minute Toy Break.Recently,there has been a price droppage on most everything Marvel Universe and I've been taking advantage of It.Seems like I've been chasing after these Secret Wars figures for ever.I was too busy chasing down G.I. Joe at the time of their release,foolishly believing that they'd be re- released at some point.My goal was and still Is to gather up as many figures from the series as possible. Klaw comes In a two pack with Captain America ,the first two pack  of  many  that subsequently  released commemorating the original run  of  the Secret Wars comics.He doesn't make an appearance In the Secret Wars  series until the later issues.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I obsess over expensive action figures.Especially ones that I need for my collection.I will look at them on E bay and hobby shop shelves with their inflated price tags,and die a little inside.However,that doesn't stop me from  constantly looking for them ,hoping to stumble across one with a decent price.Below are a list of figures I obsessed over and was able to get either by way of trade or on the  cheap.Trying to find any one of these figures , used, for under 15 bucks has  proved to be a difficult task.I waited around for a long time to find these figures at a price I could afford.

I got super lucky when I found this Indiana Jones figure,loose,In a dollar bin at a local hobby shop.Even without his original weapons (save for his man purse),1 buck isn't bad.

I've been wanting this Venomous Maximus figure for ages and was happy to receive It In a trade from good Derek (Orniphus) over at coolandunusual.

You don't know how many times I've searched for  "Secret Wars Black Suit Spider-Man"  on eBay ,only to be let down by the 20 dollar price tag most vendors wanted for him.I think I got him for 12 bucks?

O.K. ,who didn't want a Secret Wars Wolverine action figure growing up?I wanted one desperately as a kid and even more as an adult.Most were selling for about 15 bucks and up.Now you can find them for around 10 to 12 bucks a piece with wear.I was lucky enough to find this one,In great condition,for about 6 bucks on eBay.This only after years of watching him  only to miss out on the listing.

So there you have It.My obsession over figures I can't afford! 

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Goodwill Hunting!

I was finally able to add an Imaginext Batcave to my collection,all thanks to Goodwill!$2.99 for this beauty.I was thinking about painting It up,but I'm digging the over the top purples and bright colors It comes with.Maybe I'll change my mind but for now I think It looks pretty cool with my Public Enemies Batman fig.BTW Can't wait to head back to Goodwill!

This has to be my favorite feature on this set.The holding cell!

Batman's sleeping quarters.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Piece De La Resistance/My Heroic Origin

Not sure what happened this week but Mr.Smith and Brother Midnight both tugged at this weeks Round Robin Challenge like a chew toy and neither could pry It out of one another's jaws,lol!So I guess this week we'll play two!

Piece de la Resistance

This one was tough because I don't have anything that will wow the super collector.But I must say that I'm impressed with my Marvel Universe collection. I've slowly been able to amass about 50 figures.Not just any 50,but 50 figures that I actually need.Well,with the exception of a couple of extra Hulks.I've done a pretty good job of disciplining myself with this collection and I'm happy  with  what I've been able to accomplish. I've pretty much corralled every important Avenger ,almost.I'm one figure away from completing my F4 team.I'm about three figures away from completing my team of X-Men and with the addition of a couple of key  heroes ,I'm close to having a figure of  most of the big names In the original Secret Wars run of comics.I'm still a ways away from completing the villain side of things.I think I'm in good shape,though,as long as I stick to picking up those key players and not every Marvel Universe/Legends 3 3/4 figure that gets released.

My Heroic Origin

born In the inner city,A- Dapt  got his name at birth when It was discovered that he had the amazing ability to "adapt" to pretty much any situation.Not just mentally but physically as well.Much like a chameleon ,A-Dapt has the ability to blend in by changing the color of his skin according to his surroundings .One day ,while crossing the street ,A-Dapt accidentally changed into the color of the road.He is no longer called A-Dapt.  Now he goes by the name FLAT MAN!

Sorry,didn't know what else to write LOL!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Triton

Triton Is such a neat character.Just your average throwback green sea creature slash super hero.This Is his classic design ,probably why I like the figure so much.Like most of the newer 3 3/4 Marvel Legends figures ,Triton lacks chest and waist articulation. 

Green and Purple seem to be a recurring color scheme In the Marvel Universe.Not pictured here are Drax the Destroyer and Kang,who also share the same Purple and Green color scheme.Did I miss anyone?  

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Couple Of Things...

I figured I'd take a page out of Alexis's book and do a multi themed post.Alexis has done It on a couple of occasions and I can dig a post with more than just one thing going on,so here's my homage.
Kicking things off with a tip that I received from good friend Allen( Bro Midnight ) about some 3 3/4 Marvel Legends figs that went on clearance at his local Gamestop.I can't thank him enough for giving me the scoop every time he comes across these sales.I don't frequent Gamestop often so It's nice to have fellow bloggers In the field to put us up on any toy related goings on.I wasn't able to find much at the two Gamestops I have near me,but I did come across this Triton figure for 3 bucks!He's pretty much the only one I wanted from that wave anyways so It works out.Thanks again Brother ;)

Next up.I recently gave my Fisher Price Castle Doom a black wash and painted the base as well to give It a more realistic look.What do you guys think?


Also,I painted up my Marauder figure to make It my custom ,unmasked  Snake Eyes.There are still a couple of touch ups I need to hit here and there but for the most part It's done.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Marvel Universe - Wrecker

Toy Box  just left a comment on my last post that I responded to by saying how hard It is to stop collecting Marvel Universe.Right now,they've even surpassed G.I. Joe as far as what I've got on my radar.This Is my latest.From the infamous Wrecking Crew (not to be confused with Transformers ,The Wreckers.),we have The Wrecker!

Not quite the Wrecking Crew but a formidable crew ,nonetheless.

It is said that The Wecker's crowbar Is enhanced by  Asgardian Gods and that he's almost a match for Thor.

Gone are the days when Marvel Universe figures came with cool Top Secret file cards and stands.Little additions like these add class to an action figure and makes you feel like you've purchased something special.