Saturday, September 7, 2019

Back To School !

It's that time of year again!The air turns a little crisper and the leaves on the trees more brittle.Big yellow school buses with  outstretched Stop signs congest what used to be  free flowing summer traffic and the days become shorter.Funny how as a kid I hated the first day of school.Just the thought of It filled my stomach with uncontrollable vomit inducing butterflies. All of my favorite shows interrupted by stinky back-to-school commercials and bouts of  anticipatory anxiety  on Sundays.Look It up,It's actually a thing.Today,as a parent ,I can appreciate the change of pace.It takes a little getting used to but after the first week or so you're back into the swing of things.Collecting takes a backseat,pretty much,well for me anyways.Things like lunch money,school supplies and fund raisers  always take precedent this time of year and lets not forget about the old gas tank.Taking and picking up your kid from school ,practice,dances and assemblies  quickly takes a toll on that.All well worth It,though,considering the little bit of free time you get to enjoy in between. First days of school also signal the arrival of the  holiday seasons!Starting with Halloween (not really a holiday,I know) .My local grocery store has already filled the shelves with monster themed cereals. Pop up costume shops have mysteriously appeared In strip malls everywhere  , seemingly  overnight and most Dollar Trees have already  begun decking their halls with Halloween propaganda.If that doesn't make you a little giddy inside than surely the start of the NFL season and the MLB playoffs will ;) I know ,Isn't It great!?!Later on  comes the ultimate test of human endurance.Thanksgiving and X-Mas!If we survive those two then we can celebrate on New Years !If not,to hell with It ,celebrate anyways.Things should get back up to speed shortly here on 2 Minute Toy Break.Meaning actual action figure posts are imminent.But until then,here's an exciting photo of an  old pencil sharpener.Remember when  we used to purposely break our pencil tips  just to be able to get out of our seats and sharpen them?Good times!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Please Excuse The Lack Of Posts!

Sorry for the lack of posts and the fact that  I haven't had the chance to swing by your sites and leave any  comments .This time of year gets kind of hectic with school starting up again.School supplies and clothing takes precedent over action figures.I have peaked In at a few sites quickly but not long enough to leave any meaningful comments.Things should get back up to speed soon,though.Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Playing Resident Evil ,The Proper Way!

I brought my old school ,well not that old school, analog television set upstairs from my basement!I've already jammed out on my Sega and now It's time to hook up the ol' PS1 .I haven't seen what a PS1 game looks like on one of these models In years!Tonight,we remedy that with another go round of Resident Evil Directors Cut!Not only that but I will be using the original controller to boot ;)I've heard that PS1 games look better on these sets than on the newer flat screens.We shall see!!!!


I was truly amazed at how great  PS1 games look on this old SANYO  television set.Not only did the picture look great ,but the sound was incredible.Can you think of a better way to spend your Sunday night?In your toy room ,surrounded by action figures ,comic books and baseball cards while playing Resident Evil In the dark!!!O.K. you probably can.In fact I'm pretty sure you guys spent your Sunday doing something way more exciting.I'm a simple man,though,and this was a blast!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Marvel Gamerverse 3.75 Ryu

I have been wanting to represent the Street Fighter franchise In my toy collection for some time now,but haven't found the right toy line to implement that.The G.I. Joe Street Fighter line Is a great one but I wanted something that I could mix into my 3.75 universe of modern action figures.I've come close to picking up Jazzware's figures but I've heard the quality on those kind of suck.Recently ,Hasbro has  released figures under the "Gamerverse" tag based on the Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game franchise.Well two sets ,anyways.Luckily,one of those figures released was Ryu,and I was able to snag one up on ebay.

Very seldom do 3.75 figures come with alternate hands. Ryu comes with two  fists and a set of Hadoken hands!It'd be nice If more 3.75 figs got this same treatment.

Overall ,this Is a great figure.The flesh tones scattered throughout  his Gi is a little overdone but I can live with It.The only thing that sucks Is that I'll probably be stuck with this lone Street Fighter figure  because Hasbro will probably never release any other  characters from the game.I have a feeling this was a one and done.If worst comes to worst I'll just scratch the Street Fighter theme and focus on a Capcom shelf.I already have the Mega Man 3.75 Gamerverse figure,so It's a start. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Post For Spyda!

I thought Spyda from 20 Years Before 2000 fame might get a kick out of this awesome 90's comic book ad !He's a big Bo Jackson fan and chances are ,he's already posted this pic on his other site , The More You Bo .If you haven't already,go check out both sites!Good stuff!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Wonder Man Comic Lot!

I recently received my package containing 17  issues of  Wonder Man 1991 -94!This was a series I wanted to get into as a kid but only managed to  pick up the two titles you see below.I don't know what happened.I must have lost interest.I do remember really loving the character.Wonder Man came off as being kind of  aloof  and arrogant In the comics,some-timing as a Hollywood actor.He was kind of a lone wolf and that was something I gravitated towards when It came to comic book heroes and villains that appealed to me.I can't wait to read through these again and give you guys a little more insight into one of Marvels', IMO,most underrated heroes.

Marvel Wonder Man 1991 Issue # 1 (Front)

Marvel Wonder Man 1991 Issue # 1 (Back)

Marvel Wonder Man 1991 Issue # 6 (Front)

Marvel Wonder Man 1991 Issue # 6 (Back)

Friday, July 19, 2019

Silver Surfer Issue #1 1987

The great thing about recollecting things from your past Is being able to flash right back to the exact moment you first acquired them.With comics,you get to narrow it down to the specific months and years!Silver Surfer was a series I tried  to buy monthly ,as they released.I remember getting pretty hooked on the storyline and wanting to read every issue but only being able to acquire the first 4 .Comic shop visits were sparse as the only person who knew where all the shops were was my sisters boyfriend at the time.He would always find the time to pick me up for trips to the Arcade,Toys R Us and LCS.One of those trips to the LCS resulted in the acquisition of this baby right here....

Marvel Silver Surfer #1 1987 (Front)

Marvel Silver Surfer #1 1987 (Back)

I can remember making one more trip to that same shop looking for issue number 5 and the shop owner telling me he didn't have It.I subsequently gave up on  the search and moved on to other titles.Still,nothing but great memories flood back when I look at this comic.I'll have to track down issues 2 -5 at some point.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Pop Culture Jibber Jabber

Whenever I find myself with a little downtime,I go to the old toy room and reflect.I reflect on alot of things.Why do I have so many toys?Why Is It so damn hot outside?Why do I complain about the heat when In the winter time all I did was  pray for summer to get here?Today I got to thinking about a Jason Vorhees / Snake Eyes matchup.Or,not even a match up but just a comparison.Both have a lot in common.Jason wears a  mask to cover his hideous appearance.So does Snake Eyes. They're both silent and can sneak up on you when and where you least expect it.Both carry a sword .Well Jason carries a machete .Same shit.1982 marked the first time Jason donned his trademark hockey mask In Friday The 13th part 3.So you make the call.Did the creators of G.I. Joe have Jason Vorhees In mind when they created Snake Eyes?

This Is the original Sunbow cartoon version of Snake Eyes.More militarized ,before the ninja motif took off.But damn It If that head design doesn't resemble a hockey mask.

Image result for gi joe cartoon 1982 snake eyes 

Here's Mr. Vorhees. O.K. kind of apples and oranges but man do they give off that same silent but deadly vibe.No machine gun just a a handy machete.But Snake Eyes would later have a sword of his own.

Image result for jason voorhees

Snake Eyes and Jason unmasked!

Image result for snake eyes face  Related image

Your takes?