Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Marvel Legends Retro Collection - Punisher

So how did my first ever Marvel Legends figure photo shoot go? O.K., I guess. I love the figure, don't get me wrong. I'm just still very partial to the  3.75 figure scale.  Aesthetics aside, because everybody knows Legends figures all look pretty damn great. It's the functionality of the figure that was disappointing. It was pretty difficult getting his hand open to insert the handle of the rocket launcher. When I finally got It In there the wrist joint was kind of loose so his hand would fall over while holding the weapon. That could be due to the heaviness of the weapon but a tighter wrist joint could have made this a moot point. Luckily the launcher falls nicely on top of his shoulder for added stability. My only other gripe Is the lack of weapons included. Leave It up to a vintage line to pick up the slack as my 80's Rambo figures all had more than enough  weapons to properly arm Frank Castle. 

I can't lie ,the figure looks amazing. Not enough to turn me into an exclusive 6" collector, but enough that I may go after a couple other personal favorites In the scale. And not just Legends, either. I've been wanting to add another 6" Batman figure to my collection ever since my Dark Knight figure snapped in half a few months back. So If I do decide to go after any other 6" figures, It won't be exclusively  Legends stuff. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Birthday Haul Part 2

The Marvel Superheroes ToyBiz line of figures was a dream come true for  fans of the brand. Yeah , Mattel gave us  a nice assortment of  3.75 figures, with the Secret Wars line, but a very limited one. If you liked The Punisher as much as I  did as a kid then you were pretty much as stoked with the release of this figure.  The cap firing mechanism was a little bit of an eye sore  but considering this was the first Punisher action figure ...EVER... It just wasn't that big of a deal. Also , correct me If I'm wrong, but I think this marked the first time an action figure was ever coupled with a cap gun gimmick. 

The ToyBiz line was so popular that Hasbro decided to pay homage  by releasing a set of Legends figures with similar cardbacks. Now that I look at the two side by side ,they aren't that similar. What do you guys think?

Here's the Punisher, unarmed, yet and still very dangerous!

As a kid , this Is what I loved the most about this figure! Guns! Every Punisher action figure should come with 4 guns or more. No less! 

What was your favorite ToyBiz Marvel Superheroes figure and why? I'd love to hear about It In the comments!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Birthday Haul

I recently got some birthday cash from the parentals and decided It was time to scratch that damn Punisher itch that I haven't been able to successfully get rid of . And that damn Series 4 figure! Well ,read on ....

I was pretty excited to get another V.4 Punisher figure . I thought for sure this one would be a keeper . I was wrong :(  The messed up part about the whole thing Is that the leg worked great ! This time It was his shoulder joint  . The previous owner must have crazy glued It in place because It just wouldn't move . Also , you could tell where the glue was applied because there was goop everywhere . So , yeah , this one's going back . And ,yes , another one is on the way.   


This purchase was a success  . My first Legends figure ! Actually , I haven't taken him out of the packaging yet so my fingers are crossed . 

Down below you'll notice the dreaded v.4  figure. I managed to snap this pic of all my Puns together before shipping him back to the seller. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Punisher Figure That Kept On Punishing

If you read my last post , then you know how disappointed I was with Marvel Universe Series 4 Punisher . It was kind of a bittersweet thing as the sculpt and overall aesthetics of the figure rocked  while the functionality did everything but . I may have come across cool in my post but inside I was nerd raging . I tend to flip out when shit like that happens ,hence the cutting of his leg holster strap . Which ,afterwards , I totally regretted because there's nothing I hate more than messing with the integrity of an action figure . Even with that leg strap cut , the left leg just kept coming off whenever I'd try to pose him . I ended up trying to to tighten the leg joint by adding a little Gorilla Glue but didn't expect  it to dry white ! I kick myself , again . Now I was  stuck with a defective ,otherwise great looking , Punisher action figure with a cut holster strap and visible white goop all over the left leg joint . I couldn't even bring myself to look at the figure anymore and just  tossed It In trash. Out of sight,out of mind . This was the only piece of the figure I kept...

I then found myself obsessing over It , lol! And when I obsess over something I tend to overcompensate . I now not only wanted another Series 4 Punisher ,but I also wanted the very first Series 1 figure as well. So ....

In pics,I wasn't too crazy about the giant looking head but in - hand I kind of dig it. As many of you already know,this sculpt was reused for the Series 1 third wave Punisher figure.

I know I said I hate messing with the integrity of an action figure but I just had to try this out . I think It works . Series 4 Punisher head on Series 1 and Target Exclusive  Punisher body.

Am I overcompensating ? A little . I currently have two more Punisher figures on the way ,one of them being the Series 4 figure that disappointed me so much In my last post . This time  I'm leaving It alone . No cutting , no alterations , no nuttin' . I will leave It as Is for display purposes only .

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Shaking My Head In Disappointment

Lately I've been finding some really great deals on Marvel Universe figures . I've been wanting this Punisher figure forever and finally found one for $8 and some change  ,brand new In packaging.It's gonna be a long time before another one gets listed at that low price as most sell for about $30 bucks on eBay. I was a happy camper and couldn't wait for the figure to arrive. And here It is...

You're probably thinking this Is the perfect Punisher figure , much like I was . He comes with a great assortment of weapons ,has a great head sculpt and comes with a crappy little comic shot. The problems began once I got him out of the packaging. 

You can't tell from the pic but I actually had to cut the right leg strap around the back In order to properly pose his leg. And then ,as I was posing the figure ,the leg fell off completely. It's a terrible quality control issue that should have been remedied before release. What a fucking damper :(

I quickly hopped on YouTube to see If any other collectors ran into the same issue with this figure and ,yes, the problem was  prevalent In most cases. This brought me back to a post by fellow blogger Stunt Zombie , about how hyper articulated figures can ,at times , be pretty damned dysfunctional. Without the alteration , Punisher  would have been a pain to pose . I hate messing with the integrity of a figure and the fact that I had to take scissors to this one really irks me. 

It's still an aesthetically pleasing figure , but dysfunctional ,nonetheless. Needless to say ,I won't be playing with this figure much and that really blows because he's so damn cool looking .

Oh well. All I can do Is shake my head and move on to the next. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

G.I. Joe 25th Ann. - Major Bludd

When you say the name G.I. Joe or even Cobra for that matter,Major Bludd hardly ever comes to mind. At least not these days ,anyways. It's all about Destro , Cobra Commander and the infamous Cobra ninja Storm Shadow. No love for Bludd,tho :( And he was such a cool character ! That menacing fu manchu mustache and the eye patch ! And lest we forget the dog tags , that  cool looking blaster and robotic arm! Major Bludd was so bad ass he didn't even sport a  Cobra faction insignia . Also...MAJOR BLUDD...COOLEST NAME EVER! I know they killed him off In Resolute but I'm not exactly sure where his character stands In the comics . He definitely needs to make a comeback IMO. 

Ughh..packing sucks!!!