Friday, June 10, 2016

Go! Games and Toys

The other day ,my better half and I had the chance to traverse our local mall early In the day.I hate going to malls at peak hours or on the weekends.The crowds are just too damn cool for me.Long story short,our mall now has a toy store! I couldn't believe my eyes.From a far It looked like It was going to be some artsy fartsy place with educational toys ,wooden blocks and model kits,but no!This place had pretty much everything collectors go for nowadays.The name of the store Is "Go!,Toys and Games" and I can honestly say that I've never heard of It before.Everything was a dollar or two extra ,but that's not too bad considering how ridiculously expensive modern toys are In hobby and toy shops these days.I really hope this place sticks around. There Is a nice mix of everything.Marvel Legends,Star Wars  to blind bags to Funko figs.On top of that there are tons of board games   and books.


Yes! 3 3/4 Marvel Legends!!!!!Not alot though :(


  1. Great selection! I'm impressed - I feel like we have a lack of proper toy stores in my local malls here...

    1. Look them up j.They might have one around your way.