Monday, October 2, 2017

Son of Zorn - Zorn (Funko)

I said I had had It with the influx of Funko but when I first laid eyes on this figure In the movie/media section of my Target ,It left an impression.So much so that I had to go back for It .Son of Zorn was a Roger Rabbit like series that lasted only one season before being cancelled.The show  starred Zorn ,a barbarian who moves to Orange County California to reconnect with Ex-Wife and son. I've only caught snippets of It on Hulu. Hopefully they will release the whole season at some point.

Collect all two! lol!

Funko borrows from older styled Remco action figures for their Zorn design and totally pulled It off.I ,honestly , can't say a bad thing about this action figure.Everything on It has been executed pretty much flawlessly.Like I've stated in the past,I like going after figures that appeal to the kid In me.Zorn would have immediately been moved to the top of my action figure ranks.He's that bad ass.And that sword..!

Zorn sports 6 points of articulation ,including the all important swivel waist  for  action poses.He also has a functioning holster for sword storage. 

At first I thought I had a defective figure but It turns out....

...Zorn is balding on the show.Funny shit!

Here he is next to Remco's Lost World of Warlord  Arak and Mattel's Motu He-Man .As you can see,he fits In nicely,almost outshining the vintage figures.


  1. I think Im going to have to find this guy.

    1. You can find him on ebay pretty cheap Brother.Free shipping too!If not ,check your local Target In the media section.

  2. I was thinking he looked like He-Man's cousin the entire post. Looks like great minds think alike.

  3. He could definitely pass for He-Man's cousin.Or Fisto's brother.

  4. Replies
    1. Hes a great figure ,Alexis.You won't regret it.