Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

What stands out the most to me when thinking back on my childhood restaurant experiences are smoking sections .Smoking was allowed  not only in restaurants,but also bars,shopping malls and  certain places of employment.It wasn't something that bugged me as a kid ,seeing as how practically everybody In my family smoked at the time.I'm pretty sure It must have bugged some non smokers but all in all ,both sides were accommodated.One side smoking,the other non-smoking.I don't know, Is It just me ,are were people generally alot calmer back then?You didn't have to rush your meal  to  run out for a quick smoke  before your 45 minute  lunch break came to an end.You didn't have to pop any anti anxiety pills either,one smoke pretty much did the trick.I quit 10 years ago but sympathize with those who smoke today.They are treated like misfits and god knows the shits gonna hit the fan If they ever decide to make It illegal.What's your take?

Retro Ramblings  visits to Pizza Hut as a kid were memorable ones...

Mr.Smith  takes us on a trip down memory lane...


  1. Reminds me of my favorite line in Blackhawk Down..."None of you Americans smoke anymore. You all live dull, uninteresting lives."

  2. That's what I like to refer to as "the good old days". Back through the years, it wasn't just your right as a man to smoke, it was your gosh darn duty. At least that's what all the advertising made you think.

    I'm a smoker, and I do miss the ability to push back from the table in a restaurant and have a good smoke after a meal.

    1. By the time I started smoking It was already banned from most public places.All except for a bar I used to frequent that allowed It.The owner was a Vietnam vet and would have it no other way. I was,however,annoyed at my shortened lunch breaks due to having to run out for a quick one after a meal.

  3. My father smoked when I was a kid and I always dreaded the end of the meal when he would light up. The smell was terrible and ruined the somewhat rare experience of getting to eat out. I was so happy years later when this was banned in restaurants. The majority of people are non-smokers and shouldn't have to smell that while they're eating.

  4. As a kid ,no,you didn't really have a choice.

  5. I heard somewhere that New York was raising the price per pack to $13.00 each. I remember when they were three to four dollars, and I thought that was highway robbery.

  6. I remember when 5 bucks used to get me a 40 ounce and a pack of generic Monarch cigarettes lol!