Sunday, April 16, 2017

John Matrix/Commando Vintage Figure

Commando was 20th Century Fox's answer to 1982's  hit,Rambo.The film received good ratings but never became as popular as the Rambo series of films that were being released around the same time.Arnold,however,would go on to become an 80's icon!As a kid I owned the Rambo figure.I would have probably wanted this figure as well but didn't even know It existed.I never saw any at retail.It wasn't until one summer day,these two kids saw me playing outside with my Rambo figure.One of them asked me If I would trade Rambo for their Commando figure.I told them I had to see It first before making my decision.The kids ran back to their house and within minutes were back at my front steps with their Commando/John Matrix figure.I have to admit,he looked pretty damn cool.In fact that was their selling point.They tried hard to persuade me ,bringing up the fact that their Commando figure looked more realistic and had more muscles than my Rambo figure did,lol!I noticed ,right away,the funky leg articulation and that bothered me a little.Plus,I had more of an attachment to Rambo,having seen all of the films.On top of that,The Force of Freedom  was all over T.V., be It the cartoon series or toy commercials.The pros outweighed the cons heavily leading me to hold on to my Rambo figure.Funny thing Is,I never went on to buy anymore Rambo figures.

Looking at this figure now,as an old and stinky adult,I still like It. It does have Its flaws,though.No bend at the knees was always a turn off for me.I can deal with It more today,knowing It's a classic figure,but still.Also,It seems as If his hands are molded In a way that weapons don't fit so well In them.Granted,the weapons I tried on him were from the Rambo line,but I'm thinking ,because of the hands angle,all other weapons would fit the same. A little bit off to the side.He's missing his military vest but I'm cool with that.Hopefully I can find an extra on ebay or fellow blogger Barbecue 17  can help a brother out ;) Although ,Matrix looks a little cooler without the vest imo,mostly because of the great sculpt and camouflage paint apps. Gotta thank John for helping me acquire this vintage beauty that's been on my want list a long time!Check out some comparison pics below ;)  



  1. Never knew he or that Mister T existed lol. Btw I know i'll probably lose my collector cred here but who is the guy in green between Rambo and Matrix? Looks so familiar (other than looking like an old G.I.JOE Falcon)

    1. Damn,I never thought of him looking like an aged Falcon but he reall y does!That's Col Trautman.In the film ,he's sent to a small town to find Rambo and re-enlist him for a top secret mission.I kinda want to watch the movies again now.

  2. Aren't both those action figures considered expendable now tho?

  3. I'm hoping that sometime this week I can dig out the vest. I also may have some of the weapons for him. I'll see what I can do...

  4. That would be much APPRECIATED!

  5. One of Arnold's best movies. No Alyssa Milano action figure?

  6. Just found the pistol,knife, and uzi! I'll email you!