Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keepin' It Transformers,Yo!

Before I get to the last two mystery figures that arrived recently In a trade I completed with Orniphus ,lets go over this gem of an extra!Orniphus was kind enough to throw this Transformers Robots In Disguise Grimlock figure in with the rest of the agreed figures ,and I'm really digging It.He must have read my post on the smaller Grimlock that I picked up a while back.I was pretty disappointed with that one ,so Orniphus really looked out here !Now,I've read some reviews and seen some videos on Grims here,  and the figure gets mixed reactions.I for one am not big on the Robots In Disguise series or line of figures ,but this one I love.I believe this Is a deluxe sized figure ,but In no way does he fit into scale with others In his same size class.I didn't catch It at first,but Orniphus pointed out to me that this version would actually look better next to my Generations Optimus and smaller scaled TF's in my collection.And,to coin the great Ned Flanders "Hey-Diddly-Ho!" he was right.He'll look nice on display,chomping down on Skywarps appendages,and holding down the Autobot fort !


  1. Looking good Tony, I really like this figure as it is in his classic colours. I found him a few months ago and since then I got the Voyager one from the games. Thought he'd look well with your Legends figures, though his style doesn't match 100%, but that's a minor enough thing really, I think the only thing that's really off is his robot head, but at that scale it's not too bad. That gun he has goes with that movie Transformer I sent you before, hadn't realised I had it on him at the time I sent him to you, thought it looked better with Grimmy anyway.

    1. I figured Legends Optimus and Bumblebee all look like slightly different versions of there original G1 selves,so it really does work. I'm really liking this Grimlock,Thanks D!

  2. Nice! I'd contemplated the black & green version, but have many left still to review, so I chilled :D