Saturday, February 13, 2016

Transformers Legions/Legends Class - Grimlock

Legions,Legends,la,la,la,la,la whatever.Transformers have more classes than the military.I'm thinking the Legions Class are the smallest of the figures considering how wimpy Gwimlock wooks In his itty ,bitty, shitty wobot mode.I thought he'd look nice next to my Generations Optimus and Bumblebee,but negative.I actually had to improvise his leg length by folding out an extra piece to make him look a little taller.The packaging,not pictured here,was also a bit deceiving.It shows an awesome G1 style Grimlock on the card,which  prompted me to do a double take.After being let down when I realized that the figure within  wasn't based on the G1 version,I decided to pass It up. Then I thought about It a little more and decided,hey what the heck,he does have the G1 color going for him,so I changed my tune and ultimately snagged him up.It was  also on sale for like three bucks so why not.The big disappointment came after taking him out of his packaging and seeing how dinky he looked next to my other smaller sized TF's.I mean,had he been any other Transformer,like Beachcomber or Cliffjumper ,then a smaller robot mode would have made more sense.But this Is Grimlock we're talking about,a friggin' T-Rex.I wish they would have made his robot mode a little,no a lot bigger.Even If It Is just a "Legions" class,you have to do this larger than life Autobot some justice. I will say that I wasn't disappointed In his alternate Dinosaur mode.At least in that mode he stands a lot taller.Enjoy the pics!

"Autobots,lets roll out!"


  1. He's a repaint of a figure from the Transformers Prime toy line, he's actually a component for a combiner, he acts as a leg for the set. This was the weakest figure from that set I found. That said he might be small, but he's not terrible. And you got him for 3 dollars, so you did pretty well.

  2. UGH,I knew there was something "special" about this figure.As small as he is,I'm surprised he isn't the head component of the overall figure.

    1. You'll see him as the blue right leg on this combiner, it's ok altogether, not great and quite small over all.

    2. Eewww,that's one ugly fellow,lol!