Saturday, July 25, 2020

DC Spin Master Heroes Unite - The Flash

I broke down and picked up a Flash figure online. It was the one figure I felt I had to add to my DC Heroes Unite collection before moving on to the filler figures. He's not even one of my favs from the line but a must have If you want a decent Justice League group display. On a side note, this Is the first Flash figure to make an appearance on this or any other toy blog I've ever ran In the past.

The paint used on some of the brighter figures In this line is very glossy. It comes across great in-hand but it can be a pain to take pictures without a shiny glare. Ironically, I took these shots of  Flash without flash.   

He's a nice looking figure. A bit more muscular than I would have liked for a Flash figure but It's not so bad.  

It's all becoming clearer to me now. I suspected that his action shot would be the same as Cyborgs seeing as how they are depicted together. 

It's the backgrounds that change according to the mission you receive.  

I had Flash standing up next to his locker for this pic. This was the image that developed. Flash got jokes! 

I'm not that versed In the Flash mythos but I don't ever remember him having any powers other than superhuman speed. I still really like these mystery accessories. It lends to the imagination.

He reminds me of  Funko Primal Age Flash with his equipped accessories.

Here's the collection so far.


  1. He's definitely less ripped on the CW show, but the figure reminds me of how I remember him on the 80's cartoons.

  2. I have to go back and watch some of those old Superfriends episodes. I think Youtube has a few on there.

    1. There are a ton of cartoon sites online where you can watch them all. I don't recommend downloading them, but they can be streamed.

    2. I guess that would be the "right" way to do it ;)

  3. The muscles are the first thing you notice. He's not normally so muscular. Amazing this is his first appearance on a blog of yours.

  4. Those are fun! Flash has such an appealing costume, he's a great character

  5. They really are, Colin. And that's coming from a Marvel head. I've always liked the Flash's costume but wasn't big on the character.

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