Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day!

It's Father's Day again! That means that today I am relieved of any dish washing, cooking and cleaning duties! As you might already know, my family and I have recently moved into a new place. Remember that cool toy room I used to have? Well, not any more. The place we live In now Is much smaller, and this Is where my stuff has been since moving In.

Crazy! I know! The truth Is, I've got way too much shit, lol! I left all of my shelves at the old place. 

Knowing how much I missed my displays , the fam went out and got me this awesome Father's Day gift! The other day my daughter saw me rummaging through one of the boxes, looking at some of my figures and felt sorry for me. It was actually her idea to get me the book shelf and I absolutely love It! 

This Is what It looks like assembled.

I haven't figured out how I want to display my figures yet but when I do I'll post the pics.  


  1. Super cool that your daughter thought of that present. Can't wait to see how you set it up.

  2. I thought the same, Fuji. Although I don't think her mom feels the same way lol. She doesn't mind me displaying my stuff in our room it's just that certain figures scare the crap out of her lol. I'm looking at you, Hordak ;)

  3. Those shelves look terribly lonely :(

  4. Must...display....acti...on...figures!