Saturday, October 12, 2019

G.I. Joe ARAH Vintage HISS

I can't say enough about this last trade package I received from Brothermidnight . I've harped on endlessly about desperately needing a Joe fix and Brother came through In the clutch . I mean come on,a vintage HISS! I actually told him that he could hold off on sending this along with another modern HISS  to lower the shipping cost  but he  , In Brothermidnight fashion , sent them anyways.

From what I could tell It seems to be complete . Well almost complete If you count the driver . The HISS alone Is just such an iconic vehicle In the Joe mythos . 

This begs to be piloted by and equipped with a couple of vintage Cobra Troopers that ,unfortunately,  I don't have . Armored suit CC ,Falcon  Raptor and Crystal Ball will have to do for now. 

Here's what the shelf looks like now.

A big shout out to Brothermidnight for the insane Joe trade package ! There were other great figures included In the box that I'm holding off posting about for now.Stay tuned for new display pics and possibly some diorama pics with some of the new figures.


  1. Always fun to see a photo of other people's displays. Thanks!

  2. Coll HISS. If I had the space, I'd love to have an entire shelf dedicated to 80's Joes.

  3. The HISS is such an iconic vehicle as you say, you could have no other vehicle for your Cobras but one HISS and they still would look cool.

    I really liked the modernized Direct-To-Consumer HISS with the troop compartment in the back too. Try to hunt one down they are awesome.

  4. I never had one as a kid so it's nice to finally own one.By the time I really started collecting as a kid ,most of the more prominent vehicles being portrayed on the show were no longer available at stores.