Monday, February 11, 2019

Marchon M-Force - Rizzo

A while back I posted about a figure made by a toy company called Mel Appel .These  were pretty much clones of  a 1986 line of larger scaled military figures made by Marchon called M-Force.At that time I though the Mel Apple figures were just spin offs with a different name.I was wrong.They were not only smaller In scale ,but cheaper In quality.The legs and arms were made out of a cheaper ,softer plastic than the torso and head sculpt .I liked It but always longed to own the real deal,  Marchon  M-Force figure!I had a couple of  them as a kid ,using them as a supporting cast to brand named Rambo figures.I was able to find one ,incomplete, with bandoleer ,utility belt ,green beret and dog tags.In really good shape and most importantly, cheap!Say hello to Rizzo!

As you can see,the Mel Appel figure Is alot shorter and shittier looking.Luckily the weapons and accessories are fully interchangeable!I was able to attach the Mel Apple figure's gun holster onto Rizzo's utility belt.(If I colored the Mel Apple figure's hair black ,they could be exclusive Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan figures from the sitcom My Two Dads,lol!)

How cool are those dog tags,tied around his neck with an actual piece of string! 

So cool!And not at all cheap or flimsy.Just a solid knock off military figure.

I'm not gonna go crazy with this line.I only want a couple more figures out of the set .That may change,though,as this figure is already starting to grow on me.


  1. Its a great head sculpt that screams 80s!

  2. Dang dude! I realize I totally forgot to send you the stuff for that Commando figure. An uzi and a pistol, right? I think it's still on a desk inside of Action Figure Barbecue studios! Let me check!