Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Room Set Up

As you can see I've streamlined a bit. Stashed a few things and some stuff I've just gotten rid of  or sold on eBay. But for the most part It's the same crap you've seen here in the past.

Check out the lids ! Never to old for a hat collection.I have 5 now.Anyone else rock snapbacks?That Marvel pic in the back is a drawing my oldest drew/painted for me In her art class.Pretty damn nifty,I think.

To Be A Winner....ok I'll stop now.

Mostly 90's stuff on the top shelf .Some late 80's.Again,I don't go out of my way to collect every toy that released back in the days.What you'll see on my displays consists mostly of stuff I used to have as a kid. The middle shelf Is straight 80's.

Doing my best Brother Midnight impersonation here with my 5.5 fig display ;) Lion O stands out like a soar thumb,though lol.

I gotta get more Sectaurs.Poor Skito has been rolling solo for too long.No Toxcid and he doesn't even have his web gear.So,so sad :(


  1. oh looks like the collection moved back upstairs?

  2. Actually just the Starting lineups got moved up.The shelving unit I reluctantly pushed,pulled and dragged into the new room.That thing weighs a ton.

  3. Great set up. Love seeing the M.U.S.C.L.E. men figures. As for your question... I don't wear hats too much anymore... but I kept most of them from back in the day. I've got snapbacks and fitted.

    1. I had a bunch of fitted caps when I was younger.Today I rock mostly snapbacks.

  4. Very cool! So jealous of your Secret Wars collection!

  5. Dude, that collection is awesome!

  6. Thanks man.Alot more to add as far as vintage goes.