Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lanard CORPS! Awesomeness Revisited

I recently picked through my toy stash of  3 3/4 action figures,looking for a few good photo subjects.Now I've got everything from Star Wars Black series figures to Marvel Universe,but It was Lanard CORPS! that stood out to me the most.Looking at these figures,you would think they were most certainly from a cartoon  series or movie franchise.That's how much personality they have.The sculpts and paint schemes give off a DC meets G.I. Joe vibe.They are ,most definitely,4 of my favorite action figures In my collection.


  1. The first figure is pretty cool. Not really into the others though.

  2. I think the first fig is the mot popular among other collectors as well.The third figure Is great to army build If your Into that sorta of thing.

  3. I guess Im the odd one out because my favorite is number 2