Saturday, June 9, 2018

Marvel-ous,Just Marvel-ous!

Today got off to marvel-ous start.Well,not really.I'm not a big morning person and the most excitement I get out of  rising and shining  Is predicting which one of my dogs will take a morning crap . Sometimes i'll take a walk on the wild side and  only bring one doggy poop bag with me, risking It all on the chance that only one of my dogs will drop It like it's hot.What can I say,I'm a gambling man.No,but seriously,Marvel was heavy  on the brain this morning.So much so that I decided to take this group pic of all my Marvel Universe  figures sprawled out across the floor. 

Also,Street Fighter has crept Into this neurotic state I sometimes find myself In.Suddenly ,I want anything and everything Street Fighter.I've been caught up watching the animated series on CRACKLE and  recently snagged up a few of the PS1 classics on PSN  as well as these two games for my PS3.I suck at them,but just love the onslaught of bright colors,characters and commentary.

Plus,I'm currently looking for Street Fighter figures.You know,the ones that look like G.I. Joe. The Jazwares stuff looks cool ,too,but I've heard too many horror stories about them regarding QC .
No,these aren't mine ,but I wish they were :(

So that just about wraps things up.Long live Marvel,Capcom and Saturday mornings!


  1. not keeping the Marvel universe figures up on a shelf anymore these days?

  2. Nah man,I recently had a plumbing issue down In my basement so I took them down and brought them upstairs,along with all my other 3 3/4 figs .It's cool ,though,I get to mess around with them without worrying about putting them back on display.

  3. Have you seen the Street Fighter figures from Super 7?

    1. Yeah,they're cool too.I'm basically just gonna go after the Joe ones for now and probably some of the Loyal Subjects.