Friday, June 1, 2018

Feeling Nostalgic Today

I don't know If It was the warm  and sunny morning or the plethora of  unbalanced chemicals roaming around aimlessly In my brain today,but I woke up feeling super nostalgic.Mornings like this I play the local 80's radio station while driving the kids to school and mom to work just to add to the overall experience.This can't be healthy,trying to recreate 80's moments,but It feels so damn good!So,may your Friday be filled with euphoric childhood  flashbacks of epic action figure battles In your room or backyards!After you get home from school ,of course ;)


  1. Not healthy? I live in the 80's every day and am doing just fine.

  2. Totally been there. I listen to 80's music while driving to/from work at least a few times each week.

  3. Nice ta know I'm not alone here guys :)

  4. I feel nostalgic quite often. I am very happy to have gotten alot of things I had back as a youth.

    1. It's nice to be able to actually hold those action figures you had a s a kid In your hands again,as opposed to just reminiscing.It really Is like going back In time.