Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trade Package From Brother Midnight

I got home to this behemoth of a package sitting on my front  porch  ,a trade box from Brother Midnight.Upon further inspection,It seems the box has been dropped or ripped around the corners ,however, USPS was nice enough to stick an apology right to the side of the packaging lol.Oh well ,shit happens .I'll have an updated post with content pics up later on tonight.

Aww,they care....


  1. dang and its super dirty, must have fallen off the truck.So much for those faberge eggs.

    1. Lol!Everything looked good Brother.Gonna post about it tomorrow.Too tired to tonight.Great stuff man 👍👍

    2. Can't wait to see what you got Tony!

      lol BRother Midnight.

      oh and Happy April fool's day and Easter!

    3. Same to you Alexis . Havent had the chance to take pics with my kids taking over the cpu and all ,lol.Hopefully by tomorrow I can have pics up.