Monday, March 12, 2018

New CORPS! Elite Figs!

I was finally able to add some of the new CORPS! figures to my collection over the weekend.I was quite surprised to see so few of them left in stock.A couple more sets and I should have the entire lineup of new recruits covered.I'm still debating on whether I should pick up the Roc fig or not.     

I hope Lanard sticks to this design  cuz I'm really diggin' It.


  1. Nice detail. That General Grievous masked looking guy is my favorite out of the bunch.

  2. The great thing about these figs is that you get three for 5 bucks!Thats pretty insane,especially when Lanard has upped there game with the sculpts.

  3. These figures have picked up the torch for G.I. Joe action figures for today. They are affordable and have play value. These are things that are missing from collector action figures these days. Action Figures should have play value. Nice blog, BTW.

    1. Thanks Bill.I totally agree with all of your points.I like that theyve upped their game as far as sculpt and added articulation goes.