Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I picked up the other sets of Corps! figs containing the new arrivals.I don't even know their names yet but they are pretty damn cool looking.Especially for them being  discount  figures.


  1. WOW! thats a lice looking figure , I might pick these up myself .I saw that all the Corps stuff was in the clearance aisle at my Walmart. I just took all my GI Joe stuff down from the shelfs to make room for MOTU figures also because I gave up on trying to collect modern Joes due to price and rabbid competition for them on ebay but now I might have to find someplace for a few to hang out with these new Corps guys.

  2. This Is a good starting point to start collecting Corps! If you weren't doing so already.Especially If they continue to release articulated figures like this.

  3. Great stuff! I always thought Corps was a knockoff GI Joe and therefore was unworthy to look at. I have changed my mind over the last 9 years.

    1. If you get them down there In Mexico,snag em' up.You won't be disappointed.