Saturday, February 10, 2018

Random Pics /Thoughts

So I've just been through my third Resident Evil disc and none work :( It's not my system because It plays every other game I own.This has really gotten me down due to the fact that I really,really want to beat It.Suxxx!Luckily I've been able to return the games with no problem and with the refund ,purchase more copies.I'm at my wits end,though ,and refuse to pick up anymore copies of the game.3 Is enough.

On the toy side of things,my better half recently knocked over my Marvel Universe display of figures  while doing Zumba lol.I thanked her for doing so because It gave me a chance to take them off the shelves and take some pics.I tend to be more active with pic taking when I can just grab them from a pile and create scenes.When they are all on display ,nice and neat,I don't like touching them much.I know I'm weird like that.

I've got a couple things coming In the mail so that's on the horizon but other than that ,not much Is going on .

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