Wednesday, February 21, 2018

G.I. Joe ROC - Snake Eyes

I remember seeing tons of this version of Snake Eyes on the pegs and on clearance.I never paid It any mind.I thought the head sculpt was a little wonky ,especially with the odd inclusion of a nose and mouth.And then something happened.They began disappearing from clearance aisles ,and ultimately from stores altogether.Of course,now I wanted one because that's just how It is isn't It ? Even still,lots of them began to show up on eBay, but so reasonably priced that yet again ,I  passed.I thought,hey I can always pick one up at that price sometime down the road.Well,recently they've shot up In price a bit so naturally ,It was time to make my move before they became simply unattainable.

If you ever feel the need to open up a quality action figure ,you can do a lot worst than a G.I. Joe ROC movie figure.

When was the last time you opened up an action figure that included this much stuff!?!

Newbie collectors probably don't know what this Is ,but what you're looking at Is a figure stand.Yup,you heard right.An actual action figure stand.With the figures name on it!

And look,It doubles as  a dog tag !We had It good,I know.

Look,It's a functional action figure!Weapons fit snug in hand ,backpacks with sheath for easy sword storage.Paint apps on point complete with tight joints. 

In conclusion,I'm glad I finally picked up this version of Snake Eyes.It's actually pretty significant considering It's the first time we've ever seen Snake Eyes In a real live action film. Thanks for joining me on this 2 minute toy break!Now you can get back to whatever It Is you do when your not reading toy blogs and surfing the net 😉


  1. Not a fan of the giant silver gun... but the figure itself is great. If I saw this figure in a clearance bin, I'd be all over it.

  2. The giant gun was included as a gimmick with almost every figure from the line and ,yeah,people hated them lol. Myself included.