Monday, January 15, 2018

Star Wars Force Link - Rathtar / Bala - Tik

A little while back,GIJigsaw posted about this very same Star Wars set and I took interest.Much to my surprise ,these were marked down to 5 bucks and some change on certain eBay vendor sites,so I snagged up two.I could care less about the action figure ,but the Rathtar should double nicely as one of Mole Mans creatures or maybe even a mutant spawn of Magnetos!If your a  3 3/4 Marvel Universe collector ,then you know how weak their playset and vehicle game is.I like the way  Star Wars movie vehicles and sets mesh with my Marvel Universe.   

Important note:I almost didn't bite on this set after reading a customer review on It.  He or she stated that the Rathtar tentacles tended to come off easily and weren't very sturdy.I then took to Youtube to see If I could find any other reviews on the Rathtar and I did.This one here .Not once did he mention anything about the legs on the Rathtar being problematic, so I went on his word.

So here we have a hot mess of  Tentacles ,all individually marked with a letter that corresponds to a certain port on the Rathtar's body. 

The guy in the video was right on the one hand ,you really have to push and twist these in firmly for them to attach correctly.Unfortunately ,some of them are still a little loose and If you try to twist It on more ,you'll inadvertently knock off other tentacles.So both reviews were partially correct.Once all of the arms are on,they'll stay on but I can't imagine a kid not getting frustrated when positioning them to grab their action figures.I haven't done It yet ,but Super Glue might be an easy fix for this problem.All that aside,this Is an amazing looking creature!

Rathtar's get high!Did you know that?Yeah!And this Is what happens after they smoke.Yep,they get the munchies!

I don't know who Bala-Tik Is and don't care to find out either.I will,however,be using his head sculpt on my super pose-able Spidey figure.I love the way this came out!  

If your a parent buying this for your kids ,be prepared to hear some complaints.The tentacles will pop off  of the Rathar If your child intends on extended play sessions with It.For those just looking for display-ability ,then you can't go wrong with this set.Especially for the price. 


  1. Iv been meaning to pick one of these up but the Walmart price is just way too high.

  2. I've seen them on clearance at my WM for about 9 bucks.

  3. Lol. Another reason to not get high.

  4. Wow. Those monsters are cool. Too bad I will never see them down here.