Monday, January 22, 2018

Resident Evil Woes UPDATE

UPDATE:After receiving three straight defective Resident Evil discs,I finally got one that works!On top of that ,I recently picked up a Ps3 and remembered that I had bought a digital copy of Resident Evil years ago when I owned a PSP !I downloaded It and now I have two working copies after all those non working ones.Go figure!

So,I picked this game up about a year ago and have just gotten around to playing It. I've played It before,when It first released actually,but never beat It.I thought I'd suck at It since It's been so long since I've played,but It was kind of like riding a bike.The mad skillz came surging back and before you know It I had the mansion cleared of the first wave of Zombies including the giant snake .After clearing out the back  garden area ,It was time to go back inside the mansion to open up the rest of the locked doors .FAT MOTHERPOPPING CHANCE!Why you ask?Cuz uh dis door right here..

..The shit won't open!The game Is still running ,you can even hear the sounds in the background but  it continuously loads without opening.So now I'm unable to complete the game due to the fact that an important computer disk Is In that room and without It ,I'm toast :(

If anyone out there has a copy they'd like to trade or  sell,please let me know. Hopefully It's a game problem and not a console problem.Other games I have work just fine so I'm thinking It's just the game disc.There's a small nick on the outer edge so maybe that's the culprit.Idk.In the meantime I'm playing the remastered Gamecube version on my Wii,reluctantly because I really wanted to beat the original first.Oh well.


  1. ha you are doing better than me! I bought a digital copy of Resident Evil Code Veronica on the PS4 a few weeks ago and I still to this day can not make it out of the training tutorial at the beginning. Part of it is the way the controls are ported well thats actually most of the problem because I know I dont suck lol My copy of this game in in rough shape so I don't think it would help you.

  2. Yes I know what you mean!The Gamecube's version has control issues too but that's mainly due to the wonky controller lol.It's an amazing upgrade ,though.I might pick up a loose copy of RE ps1 off ebay.

  3. There is a version on Xbox One if you want to upgrade for under twenty bucks.

  4. I saw that.I'm trying to beat the original on the ps first though.I was sooo close,too!