Monday, November 13, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Spider-Man Noir

Is Hasbro trying to give us all  brain aneurysms with all the name changes on their 3 3/4 figures?First they went with Marvel Universe and then that changed to the Marvel Infinite Series which then leads us to what they are being called now,Marvel Legends.But there Is nothing on the packaging that lets us know they are the 3 3/4 version,for instance,If you were just looking at them online.It's all very confusing ,especially If you are new to the game.This Spider-Man Noir figure falls under the Legends label and was sent to me via trade by   none other than  Brother Midnight of Green Plastic Squirt Gun      . If you remember , a few posts back, I showed you a pic of all my Spidey figs....

Now I can add Spider-Man Noir into the mix  .

I don't know much about this characters background,other than the fact that he is an alternate universe Spider-Man .I think from the 1930's If my memory serves correct.I passed him up at a local Gamestop months back and regretted doing so.It was like 2 bucks ,more than worth it.I'm glad I was able to ultimately score one thanks to Brother Midnight.

He's pretty cool looking and I assume he still shoots webbing out of his hands In the comics .I'm gonna display him on my SHIELD Helicarrier . 


  1. Cool figure. Spider-Man Noir kinda reminds me of Ultraman.

  2. Love Ultraman!And your right ,at least the head sculpt does ,anyways.

  3. One of my favorite figures. Wish they made one in 6 inch scale as well.

  4. Replies
    1. I never even heard about the character until Hasbro released it.So many Spider-Man incarnations Its not even funny.

  5. Agreed! The name change is ridiculous especially around the time of toy Fair. All of these facebook toy pages are showing pics and say Marvel Legends...I feel like I am the only one that has to say....BUT WHICH SIZE ARE THEY?