Saturday, November 25, 2017

Loyal Subjects (Series 2) - G.I. Joe

Please don't tell me they cancelled this line!Ever since Brother Midnight sent me a Loyal Subjects Trap Jaw figure,I've been kind of fixated on the line.The paint work on Trap Jaw was flawless and the quality of the overall figure superb.They're kind of like over sized Mega Bloks figures.I quickly hopped online to check out their Joe figures and picked up a Cobra Trooper and Beach Head.

These Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe figures stay true to the toy they pay homage to.You get a little added articulation for the Joes than you do for the MOTU figs. 

Beach Head also comes with his trademark accessories!

The backpack fits snug on his back and doesn't take away from his balance.

The only bad thing Is that you can't fit his binoculars around his neck. You might be able to pop his head off to do It but I'm not going there.He looks fine just hanging on to it.The weapons fit tight,real tight In his hands and may even take  a little bit of paint off  when attaching his gun.It's not horrible and you can't even tell .  

This Is just an awesome representation of Beach Head ,imo, and figure overall.

At first I was crushing on Beach Head a little but now I think I like the Cobra Trooper more. Removable helmet?What?!?!That wasn't something we saw In the original ,vintage line.So cool,though!

Damn!This figure pops!

Look at Trap Jaw!Thanks to him I am now diving head first into the rabbit hole that Is Loyal Subjects!


  1. Remember my post about toylines going the babytoy route....These do it for me.

  2. I don't like that kind of shit either,Matt but these figures got alot more than that going for them.Also,I'm partial to the B-Boy styled eyes/faces ,but I wouldn't expect anyone who isn't into Hip Hop or Graffiti to get that.

  3. A little secret ,you can just pop beachheads head off and put the binoculars on him then put the head back on. On a side note funny to find you are a fan of Graffiti ! In my youth I was quite the tagger.I couldn't tell you how many brain cells I killed painting under overpasses lol

    1. Nice!I stepped out with a prominent tagging crew once to try It but failed miserably lol.I was better at It on paper.

  4. I too love these Loyal Subject figures. I haven't taken the plunge into the MOTU ones yet because I know how weak I am!

    BTW, nice blog. I added a link to your blog to my own blog's blogroll list! (