Sunday, October 29, 2017

Marvel Universe - Spider-Man

You don't know how long I've wanted this Spidey fig.At one point ,It was fetching a pretty penny on eBay but with the influx of new Spider-Man figures hitting the pegs ,the price has gone down.To me,this Is the ultimate Spider-Man figure to have.The head sculpt Is superior to any of the other  Spidey Universe figures,imo. Everything about It,from the buck to the smaller scale ,I just love it.

Here are all of my   Marvel Universe Spider-Man figures. 

These are all of my Spider-Man figures,In total.I'd love to add a Super Hero Squad scaled Spider -Ham figure.Not sure If It exists ,though.


  1. My complaint with this Spiderman is the same one I have with a huge amount of the other Spiderman figures , I cant stand when the have the web details inlaid on the figure. Having them as grooves instead of just paint application gives the figure that hand grenade effect and just reminds me of that strange old Toybiz spider armor spiderman. To me the one in the back right in the group shot is a better looing figure.

  2. The one in the back right was my go to Spidey for a while but he was a little too lanky for me.I like the shorter Spider-Man figures.Ultimately,we all know that nothing beats Mattel's Secret Wars figure ;)

  3. Thanks Fuji.The only other one I'd like to track down someday Is the Amazing Spider-Man movie figure.

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah,It's been on my want list for a while now.Along with a lot of the initial waves of MU.