Saturday, October 7, 2017

Calling All DC Aficionados!

I recently received a large amount of hand me down toys ,mostly DC with some Imaginext stuff .I donated alot of it but kept a few things.I've stated before how I wasn't the biggest DC fan nor their 3 3/4 figures.Most are pretty difficult to stand up and are in played with shape.I know the ones In the front are Young Justice figs but have no clue where the six inch Aquaman and Cyborg come from.They're not even  marked/stamped with a date or brand.I'm assuming Mattel,though.  The Batman Beyond figure along with the Aquaman and Nightwing seem to be from the 90's but  they don't have a date stamp either.


  1. ok the small Aquaman ,Batman beyond ,star sapphire are all from the Justice league Unlimited line. The Super girl , slightly taller Aquaman ,Batman, Icicle and the 2 Kid flash's in stealth suit are all from young justice.The 2 tall ones in the back are from DC Comics Collectibles New 52 Justice League line

  2. oh forgot , the Nightwing is from the cheapo Family dollar batman line that was around forever with a slightly different paint job every few years

  3. What Brother Midnight said. But wow cool Batman beyond and Supergirl (my 2 fav dc characters!)!

    1. The Batman Beyond figure Is cool but that Supergirl won't stand for nothin' lol.In fact most of the Young Justice figs took some time to balance in order for me to stand them up on my table .

  4. I WISH I could be handed hand me downs. hell I have an ongoing promotion in my restaurant for the past 9 years to ANYONE that brings in ANY frickin figure and I mean ANY figure gets a free meal. I have yet to have one person take me up on that offer. Mexicans are crazy about their toys I think.