Saturday, September 2, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Executioner/Enchantress 2 Pack

I haven't gotten overly enthusiastic about a recently released Marvel 3 3/4 action figure In a long time.In fact there haven't been many 3 3/4 figures at all that I've  felt the need to have to hunt down or obsess over.G.I. Joe is dead with the exception of the exclusive (Revolution) stuff which I'll never be able to get my hands on anyways.I only collect Star Wars figures that pertain to the original trilogy,so all this new stuff Is cool but not must haves.I'm done with Transformers (too much of a scale discrepancy) and I've stated before how I'm no DC collector.At least Hasbro keeps churning out these 3 3/4 Marvel Legends figures.Even though It's hit and miss (mostly miss) ,every 2 or three waves  there'll be a figure or two that I'm really interested In. Like this Executioner/Enchantress two pack.As far as Thor related characters go,Balder the Brave ,Warriors 3 ,Executioner and Enchantress are personal favorites .I'd love a Balder figure and a proper rendition of the Warriors Three but who knows when that will happen.For now I have to be thankful for  3 3/4 versions of Executioner and Enchantress.Both are stellar figures.Be sure to check  Enchantress for wonky eye syndrome.My Enchantress's eyes are a little too far apart.


  1. I didnt even know this was coming not matter though as I have no interest in Thor cheracters in that scale ( or any scale really).I think it would be great if the released a Power Pack or New Mutants set but Im not holding my breath.

    1. The New Mutants would be a real cool set,even If I never really dug the comic that much.I think there's a Warlock BAF figure out now.

  2. Very cool! Wish we owned these two.

  3. they did a really nice job on those- I'm trying to decide on the Hulk/Thor set

  4. I liked the first Gladiator Hulk Marvel Universe released a while ago.