Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gaming The Toy Blues Away

My last post touched on the fact that toy aisles these last couple of months just haven't had anything cool to offer as far as action figures go.I even took a trip down to TRU to see If they had anything popping on their store shelves.Turns out the only thing popping was the gum an  employee  kept blowing bubbles with a couple aisles down from me.My friends,It Is a sad sight when you walk into a TRU and find that the majority of the store has been filled with video games, Legos,Mega Bloks ,Funko POPS! and action figures based on recently released films.They even had some Dragonball Z stuff.Is that even a thing anymore? I remember walking into my childhood TRU store and having a myriad of action figure lines to choose from.On any given day ,these toy lines cluttered the store aisles...

G.I. Joe
Go Bots
Bionic Six
Marvel Comic Books

I could go on and on!It's damn near depressing.The only thing TRU has going on right now Is their True Heroes line.But even that wasn't enough to keep me in the store longer than 20 minutes ,before  ultimately getting the hell outta dodge.I will say this.Toy droughts always present the chance for me to get reacquainted with my  video games.Lately I've been more of a point and click gamer ,opting to play Diablo like PC games seeing as how I spend alot of my down  time on my desktop.

I've talked about Divine Divinity before ,over on the Toy Disorderly forums.I had the Steam version but had to get the physical copy ,just because.Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich is a sequel to Freedom Force and Is an absolute blast to play!You'll feel like your inside the pages of  a golden era comic book.I picked It up for 5 bucks and  got It to run on Windows 10.Skeleton Warriors was a pick up for my PS1 and more of an impulse buy.It's a cool little side scroller  that you'll have to beat in one sitting due to a lack of any saving features.But yeah,that's pretty much it people.Stay tuned for future video game posts ;)


  1. TRU filed for bankruptcy. It's doubtful the company will be restocking toy shelves any time soon.

  2. I read about the TRU bankruptcy as well. Better get your TRU fix in case they start start shutting down locations.

  3. TRU is going to be around for a while longer. Hasbro and Mattel need TRU to stick around, since a surprising amount of their sales still come from those stores. So, they will continue to support them as much as possible.

  4. Yeah I read that too but going bankrupt isn't necessarily a bad thing.Although,yeah,you may see some kind of downsizing because of it.I doubt they will do away with the chain altogether,though.

  5. All true, but right now they're scrambling to protect their assets. Which means they're not focusing highly on merchandise acquisitions. More so on what locations they can cut, and still maintain a company.

    The sad part about it all is that it's not like there's a Toys R' Us on every corner. They're already few and far between. Now they're most likely going to be even more scarce.

  6. I liked the smaller Kay Bee stores of the past.Compact but stocked to the ceiling.