Saturday, August 19, 2017

Marvel Mini Busts @ Dollar Tree!

Every once In a while Dollar Tree will have something In the toy aisle that makes me do a double take.Check out these mini busts!They are about 2  1/2 inches tall and are made out of solid plastic.

I had to look through the Captain Americas as lots of them had paint rubs.There were a few decent ones though.  

Iron Man Is my favorite of the two with the glossy paint job on his armor.Most of  these had great paint apps. 

These look  damn cool on display and can be placed pretty much anywhere you'd like.Desk tops,window ledges and If you get yourself some Velcro,they'd look great  on your car dash.I hope they release Hulk and Thor at some point. 


  1. Yeah,Cappy looks very,almost too cartoon-ish.

  2. I bought these too. Totally worth the $1 asking price!

  3. the other two are hulk and spider man.. I myself are making snow globes out of them for Christmas and will sell them for just a few more bucks than i payed to make. Happy hunting for the other guys. :)