Saturday, July 15, 2017

Star Wars The Force Awakens (so did I ,just now,coincidentally) - Snow Trooper

What a snazzy little figure!This is the figure  that came with the Star Wars -The Force Awakens snow speeder set I just reviewed.I was gonna save this for my 5 Points and Proud blog but I thought why not post It here.I get more traffic here at 2 Minute Toy Break anyways.But yeah,I like this figure.It's got limited articulation(5 points) ,like most of the Force Awakens line ,but look at all that detail.Hasbro did an amazing job with these figures and I'm soooo tempted to go after others In this line even though I know nothing at all about them .

It even came with a removable back pack.

You really can't tell the difference when displaying him next to the figures with more points of articulation.He looks great imo.I think he's still a little pissed at Doom for jacking his snow speeder but what the hell,according to Toy Box It was a deleted scene anyways and the vehicle never really showed up in the film ,so.


  1. I hope to get some snowtroopers someday. It snows here in the mountains. About 40 minutes away.

  2. Awesome figure. So far, any snow environment in the Star Wars franchise has been fantastic. The design of the uniforms and characters are great.

    1. I like em.The all white look seems to work well on action figures.

  3. Cool figure. Although... I think the snowtroopers from ESB are 10x cooler. Loved seeing those guys back in the early 80's.