Saturday, July 29, 2017

Marvel Universe Tony Stark?

This is what happens when extreme boredom really starts to settle in.You start painting uneven mustaches on your action figures.This is the Retaliation  Flint head sculpt on Chameleons body.The skin tones aren't exactly the same and the stache is a bit off but I think it's a passable 80's style  Tony Stark figure. Or a young Ron Burgundy.  

"Stay classy,San Diego!"


  1. So cool.

    "Is it better to be feared or respected? And I'd say is it too much to ask for both?"

  2. I think it really looks pretty cool!

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    1. Oh wow that is actually cool :) and no problem, thanks for the follow as well. IF I had known that you were on IG sooner I Would have followed long ago lol.