Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Marvel Universe - Punisher (Target 2 Pack)

The best <expletive> game ever!Is it not?If only I could find a copy selling for less than   $3,000,000 .00 dollars.This game came to mind when looking at the Marvel Universe Punisher Target exclusive figure on ebay the other day, and that alone warranted the pick up. This figure also brings me back to the late 80's ,when I was trying to amass a Punisher comic collection.I honestly can't tell you what happened to my childhood  comic books.I had a bunch and in great condition. 

As you can see ,the head sculpt on this version of Punisher has the exaggerated jaw line giving him that Capcom-ish appearance. I love that about this figure. 

I'm also digging the brown shoulder and leg holster .

It's not often you get a Punisher figure rocking the  white bandanna .I think the new 6 inch Marvel Legends has a bandanna wearing head sculpt  as an included alternate head ,but that's about it.

This is a body sculpt Hasbro used for many of their early Marvel Universe figures,and I must say that It's a personal favorite.I never cared much for  rocker ankles ,thigh or waist articulation .This style of  sculpt has everything I need in an action figure.Also,It's seldom that i come across a Marvel Universe figure like this  with  loose limbs /joints. 

My only gripe  is the scale.They could have made him a bit taller,but seeing as all figures with this body sculpt are all about the same height ,i'm fine with it.It harkens back to the days of Mattel's Secret Wars figures. Frank Castle isn't that tall anyways,only 6 feet or so .Here he is next to what has been my Pun placeholder for years.He's cool,but I need my Punisher to be wearing white gloves.  

In the next series of pics,you'll see what Punisher thinks about Ninjas.

                                                  "Who's next!"


  1. HAHA...kicked his head off. We haven´t gotten any MU down here since the Abomination line.

  2. Yeah,clean off the ball joint ;)