Thursday, July 20, 2017

Marvel Universe - Black Knight

The Black Knight is finally off my "Avengers to get" list. Which leaves about 70 more to go.Seriously ,who wasn't ,at one time or another, an Avenger? Down below is my current,patched together,Avengers team.I would much rather have Vision in his original uniform and a Wonder Man that doesn't look like rock candy.But they'll just have to do.I think i'd rather have silver centurion Iron Man in there also  instead of the original .

Also,speaking of patching up teams, stay tuned as i have a couple of off brand (not Marvel Universe) villains on the way to add to my bad guys team.Hopefully they'll blend in well.


  1. Love the team, Cap looks like he's trying to spook Tony from behind. Careful, that might start a civil war!

  2. Great pickup! Found Vision down here but had no money to buy him. Ugh!

  3. Cool figure. I like how you can sheath his sword. Just curious. Why is he called the Black Knight if his suit is blue?

    1. And his sword is called the Ebony blade,lol!I know there were Black knights before him who may have actually been black.